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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Thursday Thoughts!

It's raining.... and blowing.... and it's cold!  Looks like it's time for me to bring out my new Carhartt bibs!  I will be blogging about them next Monday, and for those of you who remember my winter work attire, you KNOW how much I needed some new go-outside-to-work-in-the-winter clothes!  Tune back in Monday for a new fashion statement!

Update on Leontine:  She has not been up to visitors, but she is getting her treatments done and should be home next week to rest and recuperate.  Please keep sending her your love either on her Facebook page, Love for Leontine or on her blog at Four Leaf Clover Tales.

I am having a huge dilemma.  I am so NOT a fan of Halloween, and Tink is wanting to be a vampire.  I can't quite see my dearest oldest child as a blood-sucking evil monster.  Whatever happened to princesses and fairies?

2007 Fairies

2008 Princesses

 2009 Selena Gomez and Hannah Montana

 2010 1950's chick and Bride
I'm pretty sure whatever we decide, it will have to be a WARM costume!  Maybe they both could go as polar bears!  That might not be too funny if you live in Zanesville, Ohio~!  YIKES!  My mom and dad stayed in that town just a week ago on their way home from their big 50th wedding anniversary trip out east to see the fall colors.  Just a side note that my father, a driver's ed teacher for about 35 years, has nothing good to say about road signage or driving from Cleveland on east to the Vermont/New Hampshire line.

Several of my friends and I have made it to a Top 50 Farm Blogs list!  Woo!  The badge is on my sidebar.  I had a Facebook conversation with a friend just the other night about my horizontal corn, and it made me feel so good that she and the girls who work with her at a seed dealership were able to finally understand what downed corn is from my pictures and commentary.  It's a reaffirmation that Real Farmwives of America & Friends are making a difference out there.  Yippee!

I'm a bit worried about those cute kittens and my new bird feeder.  A couple of birds have been caught.  I'm hoping it's a case of Darwinism.  The wire is "hot" so I know they are not cheating by climbing fences.

Reading a great book on my Kindle called Someone Knows My Name.  Can't wait to share it with you!

Loosing weight is good for when your husband says, "Honey, would you want to come up and help me work on this bin?"  Hauling my tush up there twice was all I wanted, and I'm so glad there was 15 pounds less of it to haul.  Wish it would have been more!  Working on it! (It was nice, though, to have a good solid anchor up there with all that wind blowing!) ;-)

I'm all about losing weight, but I really don't like the cold feeling that comes with it.  My hands and feet are FREEZING.  So glad Tall Guy turned on the boiler so my feet can stay warm out here in the sun room.  We have radiant heat in the floor!  Highly recommend this!

Speaking of boilers... BOILER UP.  My Boilermakers are taking on Miss Leah's Illini this weekend. Beyer Beware had better beware!  I'm sure if you go to her Monday post, or any of her Hunk of Meat Monday posts,you will find a ton of ideas for tailgating food!

If you are not reading my pal Jent's blog, From My Front Porch, you are missing out on an incredible story.  Start with "Where oh Where to Begin" then read "Ok,Where Was I?"  You will just fall in love with her.  These things happen from time to time on the farm but not usually all at once.

I also totally agree with Jent; I also suck at house work.  You would know this if you came into my home, especially if you snuck upstairs!

On that note I had either better get to cleaning or make those yummy oatmeal cookies I saw on Pinke Post this morning so he won't care so much that the dust bunnies are winning the battles and the war upstairs, along with the pile monsters.

Have a warm day.....STAY INSIDE!


  1. Great post Lana. I love all your random thoughts for the day :)

    Good luck with winning the costume war. I have a feeling it may be a losing battle in the years to come.

    Boiler Up! Man, I miss Lafayette this time of year~

  2. I have major dust bunnies and pile monsters all over this place. I'm a professional chef. Do I have to be a good housekeeper too?
    Congrats on the weight loss!
    Keep us posted on Leontien.

  3. Congrats you your top 50 rating woooooooo hooooooo... Can you hear me cheering all the way from Columbus????

  4. i love the look back at halloween's past! so cute! good luck on your vampiress costume.



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