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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thank You Carhartt! Fashion Faux Pas Fixed AND I'm Warm!

<3  Please continue to keep Leontine in your prayers and thoughts.  She made it through 12 treatments last week, but they were rough on her, and she is not home as of Sunday.  She is such a fighter, but she needs our continuous prayers to help her in this battle <3
And now to  some warm thoughts.... Has anyone seen the weather forecast for the end of the week?  That four-letter "S" word keeps popping up!  So this post is very timely!

Dear Carhartt Company,

Thank you sooooo much for helping me correct a horrible situation from last year.  You see, I did not have any proper go-out-in-the-winter-to-work clothes and relied on the hand-me-downs from my dear father-in-law, aka Grandpa.  Remember this lovely picture from last year?  How I had to waddle around because Grandpa is almost 6'3", and I am just about 5'4"?  Hey, my mom is 4'9 1/2" so I am very happy with my height!

 While I still need to find a better, age appropriate hat (Yes that is DORA up there between the pink cones), here is what I selected from the Carhartt store to help out my fashion emergency!

I wouldn't trade my

Women’s Sandstone Bib Overall/Quilt Lined

for the world because now I will be WARM when I have to go outside this winter and not frighten anyone!  Woooo!  I may also have a chance at moving quicker if a cow gets a bit too cranky or close for comfort!

We already have this chore to tend to morning and night:

Feeding our boiler keeps our house warm and my toes happy with the radiant heat  running through the new floor of the sunroom.  That is also a Carhartt sweatshirt that I will hardly even let Tall Guy wear.  It is almost as warm as my bibs!

We are almost out of our horizontal corn, so I may be climbing back up the combine soon to finish up the corn.

Here's a fun pick of Grandpa and me.  He's happy I have my own pair of bibs now!

And we all know what is just around the corner.....

Then the fun really begins around here.  Tall Guy was especially happy that my bibs had a black quilted lining!  He says they are the warmest, and he should know!  He doesn't go outside without his Carhartts on, and they are usually layered.  Somewhere under all those clothes is a SHORT sleeved shirt!?!?!?!  Men!  Don't ask me to try and explain him?

And these girls will want me to come and play with them,,,,,,,

and these critters will need tended to... Well, maybe not these specific ones, but the new ones we will soon bring to the farm will need checked and fed.

So thank you again dear Carhartt Company for sending me my wonderful bibs.  They were free, but I was willing to scrounge every cent and dollar I found in this year's laundry to have a pair by this winter.  We know how great their product is because they have been a part of our farm operation for many years!  (refer to the first picture!)  ;-)  They had me from "Hello!"

"Carhartt did provide me with this product to review but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own."

Want something this great to keep you warm this winter?  To win a pair of Carhartt Bib Overalls of your own, please visit www.realfarmwivesofamerica.com to sign up for their giveaway.

A special thanks to Tink and Bear for taking my picture in my new bibs.  I just have to say that I prefer the other side of the camera, but it was fun to see them learn and "frame" the pictures!


  1. You look really nice in your new bibs!

  2. Like your bibs.They will keep you warm.

  3. VERY nice Carhartt ensemble!! Love Carhartt. A farm must-have.

  4. I do like your new attire, but I have to say that I really did enjoy that photo last year of you trying to keep warm....and the Dora hat. Priceless. Thanks for putting it up again for us to see!

    We own many pieces of Carhartt to keep us warm too! They are the best!

  5. Gotta LOVE on some Carhartt's. You will def stay warm this winter.



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