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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fun at Kelsay Farms!

<3  NEWS FLASH!  Leontine was able to come home yesterday to rest up from her treatments!  Keep sending her your love on her blog Four Clover Dairy Tales and her Facebook page.  You can click on teh badge on the right hand side of my page to get there!  Thanks so much for your prayers for her.  Please keep them coming though; she is not done with this fight, just in between rounds.  Together our prayers will make her strong enough to get through this battle to the winning side! <3

The girls were on Fall Break last Friday and this Monday, so Sunday I had a wild hair, packed them up, and headed south to see my two bloggy and Real Farmwives of America pals Liz and Amy down at their place.  Let me tell you right now that both girls said it was totally worth the 2+ hour drive.  They had a BLAST!

There is soooo much for the kiddos to see, do, and learn here, and they will have fun the entire time!  Enjoy all the pics, then make plans to head out there this weekend for a Trick or Treat themed finale to their season! 

A  Holestein cat?  Seriously?  That's pretty dedicated to a theme!


Farm girls!

Here is where to go on Google if you need directions or more information.  

Tink and Bear couldn't wait to tell Daddy all that he missed at the farm.  Silly girls, Daddy lived with dairy cows for 40 years!  He did a good job of being excited though. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled program of picking corn.  It didn't rain like it was supposed to, so I think I'm back in the combine today.  Found that the downed corn jumped US 41 and is hiding in what looked like pretty good standing fields.  It's not all over, just in enough spots to make you stop and head in the other direction.  Just another fun exciting day on the farm! ;-)

Hope everyone is keeping safe out there no matter what end of the road you are on.  Farmers are working later, and sometimes there isn't much road left at night.  Be careful out there!


  1. Good news about Leontine! What adorable photos of your girls. Kelsay Farms reminds me that the past few days (before we got rain), when the sun was shining on those corn fields that had been combined, it was just BEAUTIFUL!! I thought of you, sitting up on one of those huge machines. :-)

  2. Glad they had a good time! My girls' reaction to the cow and calf part of it was kind of the same as Tall Guy. They were like "we can see this at Papaw Dave's. Let's go play!"

  3. I'd love to get to Kelsay Farms someday on a road trip to Indiana. Love seeing your girls excitement.

  4. i love the "cow milking" station! it reminds me of when i was in holland a few years ago, and did the same thing. i don't care if it WAS in the kids section of the open air museum, it was the closest i'll ever come to doing that!

  5. Great pictures! Those girls of yours are sure getting tall! How long before they are taller than you Lana?

  6. What a great day! So glad you could make it down to let the girls see what their daddy used to do!

  7. Wonderful day on the farm it looks like. Loved all the pics., LOVED the sign about eating like a cow. hahaha

  8. Lana, so glad I found your charming blog through Cranberry Morning. I've always been a farmwife at heart!



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