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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

7-Up Biscuits for the Sausage Gravy

A big thank you and Kudos to Miss Farmchick at It's a Small Town Life for this simple and awesome recipe. It had some fun ingredients in it that I just had to try, and I was not disappointed in the recipe one bit! I shamelessly copied her recipe for you, but my version took a little twist!   I just want to say that this wonderful lady takes some incredible pictures and has great stories to tell.  Please stop by and tell her I sent you!  You will be glad you did, AND you will get to listen to some of the best music while you read!

Here is the original:

7-Up Biscuits
2 cups Bisquick, or comparable baking mix
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup 7-Up
1/4 melted butter
Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Mix all ingredients, except melted butter, in a bowl. It will form a very soft dough. Turn out onto a board sprinkled with Bisquick. Pat into 1/2 inch thickness and cut with your most favorite biscuit butter. Pour melted butter into a pan. *I used a 9-inch round cake pan with good results.* Place cut biscuits on top of melted butter. Bake for 12-15 minutes.

Now...here is the rest of my story. If you tuned in yesterday, you will remember that things were going a bit poorly out in the farmers' world so I came inside to try and right the ship with a good meal. When I went to get my trusty box of Bisquick, I hit my first snag because there was less that two cups of mix left in the box!


Think Think Think... (said in my best Pooh voice)

Ah Ha! Pull down my trusty ol' Betty Crocker Cookbook, circa 1961. Thanks Mom for saving a second copy from your wedding gifts for your daughter! I love these illustrations. Reminds me of album covers from The New Christy Minstrels. YIKES! I'm giving away my age! :-P

Put my favorite butter in the dish and turn on the oven so the pan will be warm and melt the butter all at the same time! Love the way this is packaged!

Go to the quick bread section and make those up through the flour part!

Gotta go get my two favorite girls!

Now we are rolling.

The 7-Up picture is fuzzy instead of fizzy like I wanted it to be. Sorry! The bubbles were cool!

My camera needed some TLC after taking these pictures. There was some flour and dough "stuff" here, there and everywhere!

Pat, pat, pat. Grab a jelly jar, and cut!

Here is where I probably pushed my luck because 12 biscuits fit in the pie dish just fine, but I had enough for ....gasp....#13...., and at the last minute I plopped it in there.

At 12 minutes, they weren't quite done, so I pushed the timer for three more, and went on fixing the gravy. It dawned on me a few minutes later... like SIX ... that the timer didn't go off. I had hit the HOUR instead of MINUTE button. Danged ol' #13~ !

They were still very good, but a bit crisper than I would have wanted them to be to be under the gravy. That was all on me and my silly fingers! The guys didn't mind, though, so it was all good!

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  1. Truly 'made from scratch.' Isn't it funny how we're so used to packets, packages, boxes of mixes that few people can actually cook without them anymore. What a great thing, to have that REAL cooking Betty Crocker cook book. :-) Those look delicious.

  2. Yummy! I think I might have to try that recipe!


  3. I never ever heard of 7 up biscuits.... But it sure is good to be back here!!!! gosh i missed you all so much!!!

    And the kindle.... fantastic.... hehe!!!

    big hugs



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