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Friday, November 25, 2011

Cooking Questions: Please Respond!

My pots and pans need replaced, but I am not sure what to replace them with?  I am very fond of the tephlon-type cookware because of the no-stick feature, but there are some who say that stainless steal is the only way to go.  Please share with me what you use and why.  Santa is listening.

Made a few purchases today on-line and received the doorbuster prices!  Wooo!

I know this one is short, but I think I need to get out and plant my flower bulbs while this beautiful day is still beautiful.  Rumor has it, winter is on its way.  Of course we just welcomed 80 some new calves to the farm who will need their temperatures taken around Tuesday when it's supposed to be 32 and snowing.  LOVELY!  At least I will have my brand new Carhartt bibs to keep 90 % of me warm.  Now if I could just figure out the feet part!

Happy shopping and Christmasing if that is what you do the day after Thanksgiving.  I believe our tree will be up this weekend too.


  1. I used to have non-stick but took the money plunge to staninless in 1998 and am still cooking with that set of pans today - I LOVE THEM - but get ones with a heavy bottom - I think they clean up just as easy with hot water and dish soap as non-stick the key is to let them soak for just a few minutes and the frying pans you can use a SOS pad if you have to!


  2. I'm answering your question as a long-time cook and former cooking school director and instructor. All-Clad is the very best out there. It's an investment but worth every penny. You can purchase sets but I've found that it's better to just purchase what you use. My All-Clad is over 25 years old and still going strong. I don't use non-stick as I don't think it's healthy. That "non-stick" eventually comes off in your food. If you are frying, just let your pan get hot then put in your oil and let it get hot before putting your food in--no stick! Also, every kitchen must have a well-used cast iron 10 inch Lodge skillet. Mine was given to me by a baby sitter over 24 years ago and it was already 40 years old. Nothing sticks.

    Happy shopping!


  3. First things first: Go to Farm and Fleet and buy Wigwam wool socks. I think they're merino wool. COMFY, warm socks that I always wear inside my Wolverines!

    Secondly, I have had my Wearever stainless steel-clad (on the inside) heavy aluminum pots and pans for a few decades and still love them. I don't know if the new ones are the quality as those old pans, but they definitely heat evenly and have been great pans to use! I also have a no-stick Tramontine? skillet that we use for things like pancakes. Very handy.

  4. I use Le Crueset and love it. Even though I might not have spelled that right. It is enameled cast iron and lasts forever. I love it.

  5. Well I use Health Craft out of Tampa Fl. Bought mine at the state fair. Love them I have had them 15 years and they still look new I use them at least twice a day They will send replacement part if a handle gets broken. I use bar keepers friend and a sponge.
    Won't those coveralls feel good.

  6. I need new pots and pans too. (For those rare occasions when I cook something). Glad to read the suggestions.

    And I don't suppose they have those handy ear thermometers for cows, do they?

  7. I absolutely LOVE my stainless but do think you need a griddle in non stick at least. Still think I could also use a non-stick pan for cooking fried eggs too tho. Have fun shopping for the new pots and pans.

  8. i know!!! you need Dunlop (i need to check the spelling) boots!!!

    They are just fantastic. a bit pricey but they are amazing!

    Big big hugs

    (IT IS SNOWING and i am surprised that i am surprised! it is November after all...)

  9. Wow!! 80 calves to work. Maybe none of them will have too much of an attitude;) And for Amy, a temporal thermoscan (forehead scanner for temps) wouldn't be so bad either lol! Oh, and I have a stainless set that I love. I do use a griddle with tephlon a lot too.



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