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Sunday, November 13, 2011

NewsFlashes then Hunk of Meat Monday: Pork Chops 101

First of all, Welcome to the World my dear little great nephew!  Born Saturday night while his great-aunt was throwing a Birthday Bowling Bash in the little town!  The girls and I met him on Sunday morning right after church!  Here's a sneak peek!

More to come!

Second, it's time to keep our Leontine at the front of our prayer list and hearts as she starts another round of treatments this week.  This cure is a tough procedure, but our friend is one tough lady who is only strengthened more by our good thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for keeping her in yours.

Now on to Pork Chops 101.....

How many of you love pork chops?

I do too! ( Yes, I know we raise beef, but variety IS the spice of life!)

Do you order them out?

How much is a GOOD pork chop meal running these days?

What if I told you I can feed my family EIGHT meals of pork chops for $21.96?  That's a total of 24 chops, about 3/4 to an inch thick!

Want to try it?  It's super easy I promise!

First you check the local papers to see who has pork loin on sale.  I went to Sam's because that is where I was, and I found this lovely piece of meat!

Now I just scooped it up and brought it home to cut myself, BUT you can ask the butcher to cut the loin for you at the store if you do not particularly like to handle raw meat.  I'm not so squeamish about it, so on we go.

Next, I cut the loin in half so it is easier to work with.  I also removed all other food from the cutting area after spying them through my lens!  OOPS!

The rest is easy.  Just cut the loin into the desired thickness you and your family like, package what you will not use, and cook the rest!  LOVE cutting meat on this Pampered Chef cutting board so that the juices do not run on to the surface of the cabinet!

Seven packages went off to the freezer, and I grilled the three remaining chops for supper.  Poof!  Meals on a dime!  Can't beat that!  Enjoy!

Hunk of Meat Mondays


  1. I also have a cutting board like that and love it. Cute, cute new nephew.

  2. Hi Lana, Congrats on the birth of your little great nephew. What a cutie pie....

    YES---I'm keeping Leontien in my thoughts and prayers. She is a strong young lady...God Bless her.

    We buy our beef and pork at Sam's --and it is so good.... Yes, the price is right...


  3. Looks easy enough, however I'm not allowed in the kitchen until the smoke clears from my latest attempt. What time should we be over?



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