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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Went in to help Tink's sub teacher with all the festivities of a Thanksgiving meal.  Her teacher had a little baby girl a few weeks ago, but she always loves to let the kids help put together a Pilgrim's feast.  I totally wanted to see this and help out Mrs. P with all the chaos of serving that many kids!

We, of course, brought corn!

They made their own placemats and were pretty good about trying everything on the menu.  What a great bunch of Pilgrims!

Now I'm quickly drinking my coffee because our littlest Pilgrim woke up with more energy that five turkeys being chased by a hungry farmer.  We are off to the BIG little town for Thanksgiving with Tall Guy's family.  Mine will be in Logansport, and I will miss them all, but we will see each other soon.

Thanksgiving is always a big day for me.  It's filled with a lot of memories of tradition, mostly created at The Farm with my Grandma Phyllis.  We always went up the night before, literally over the river and through the woods, and were baking and cooking fools right up to dinner time, but as a little girl I loved every minute of it.  Our special dish was the bread/oyster dressing.

Ironically, we lost Grandma the day after Thanksgiving eleven years ago, and as a woman of almost 50 year, it still makes me cry to think of her as being gone on this day.  I know she is always in my heart and on my shoulder, but sometimes I wish I could give her just one more hug and break up some bread with her over that big silver baking dish we still use for the dressing.

May you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day and be grateful for each and every person who sits at your table and fondly remember those who cannot be there.


  1. We finally got some sunshine Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  2. Isn't it a blessing to know that those that have gone before us, those lovely souls that meant so much in our lives, are still with us on those wonderful days when we remember what we are so thankful for? I know I am missing my mom and dad but know they are watching over me.



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