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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am a Question Box Today

Whew!  Survived round one of birthday madness, and now I have 13 days until the next go 'round......But not quite.

Bear is having her two Birthday buddies over for a sleep-over tomorrow night, and I need some help!

What do you do to entertain little girls on a sleep-over?

Now we are rural, and there is a grown-up movie playing in the little town's theater, BUT Bear did get the new Barbie Charm School DVD, so this is kind of on my evening plan.  McDonalds is a good 10-15 miles away, but we do have a few pizza places to pick from.  I told Bear to ask her friends if they like spaghetti.

There is also a quick trip option in to the hot tub.  We keep it at 98-99 (to protect Tall Guy's sensitive skin hee hee.  He can't stand it to be hot!), so I think that would be ok as long as they don't splash...

What do I do with Tink?  Let her join in or keep her otherwise occupied?  She is still at that stage where she doesn't think all of her sister's friends are dorks. ;-) 

I would LOVE to hear more ideas from my readers.  I may have to do this all again with Tink's friends in just a few days.

Here's another question:  Do you save wrapping paper?  Tissue paper?  I just refolded all the tissue paper because I literally wrap presents up in it, using no tape, and then put them in bags.  Bear knew which present was from my mom and dad because mom still wraps everything and puts bows on at the end.  I try to do that for Christmas, but birthdays usually get the quick wrap and stash. 

Ok,  Off to clean the upstairs.  FlyLady would not be very encouraged with my house right now, but I am trying to regain control.  If you don't hear from me again; however, you will know the Dust Bunnies won the battle and the war!



  1. Oh those nasty dust bunnies. We have dog bunnies here. :-) So, for the questions: the hot tub without splashing?? You are kidding, right? But the hot tub sounds like great entertainment for them and I think Tink should be part of the whole party. I can think of no good reason why she should be excluded. In my experience, kids like hot dogs, macncheese, pizza, and MAYbe spaghetti (as long as it doesn't taste like homemade. lol).

  2. I've been completely ignoring my dust bunnies lately. I think the kids would love the hot tub! Can't go wrong with pizza can you? And I'm betting those girls will find ways to keep themselves busy. :)

  3. Oh My---it's been much too long since my kids were little... AND--I didn't have girls. So---I am not going to be able to help you at all.. I do think the pizza idea is good, a good DVD movie or two, and the hot tub... They will all do fine I'm sure... Tink can make her own decision about what she wants to do...

    I DO save wrapping paper and bows and re-use them... I also love the gift bags and keep them to reuse also...


  4. When our boys were little, we did old fashioned parties and all of the modern kids loved it. I looked up old party games and they played them for cookie prizes. Then, in the end, all kids got the cookies.

    :) Janet

  5. I'm not exactly sure of the ages here, but I thought I'd share some ideas that should work.

    Since it's a birthday you could make cupcakes and let the girls decorate their own.

    You could make a simple scavenger hunt for them with little prizes to find. I bet a mock "beauty salon" would go over well... let the girls file and polish their nails, braid their hair, etc.

    Maybe plan some crafts to keep them busy too. Maybe something Thanksgiving related so they can give them to their parents.

    I'd have board games and DVDs available. I remember when I was little that it was fun just playing truth or dare and playing with flashlights after dark.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

    Btw, love your easy wrapping idea. I do save tissue paper but just a bag filler. Thanks for the time saving idea!



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