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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shhhhh...Don't Tell, But.....

I just did it.....

Hopefully they will arrive in the mail before next Thursday.

What/Who are they?

Well, let's just say both girls, who happen to have birthdays this month, Bear's a week from tomorrow and Tink's two weeks after that, are going to have "Little thems" to play with.

Yep  I just ordered from AG.  I'm kind of talking in code because Tink has been known to read over my shoulder and see my blog.  I was going to post pictures, but then that could be a huge give-away.

I've spent the last FOUR days watching Bear go through the AG catalog circling and yick-yacking about these dolls, excited about them like nothing I have ever heard her talk about.  She is our imaginative, creative, crafty child.  Not that Tink isn't, but Bear WILL act on it.  Tink is an artist and draws beautifully.  Bear wants to get all the craft stuff out and just see what happens.  I need to invite Prairie Mother for a visit to help me get over my anal, "Don't get all that mess out at once!" self!

It's kind of a serious investment for us to make, but I THINK both girls are past the "let's cut her hair" stage; although, I won't swear to Bear on that one because she will always be my wild cat card.  I am hoping, and this is how I presented it to Tall Guy, that they will get some years of fun out of them, then put them away to pass down to their girls or grandgirls when the time is right.

Even tomboy farm girls need one special doll right?

Let's pray they get here before Bear's birthday next Thursday, or we will be cutting out a picture and putting it in a card!  She truly is adorable enough to understand if one present is a bit late! 

Pictures to come next week.  I promise!  Tink will have to wait a bit longer, but she'll be ok with it. (I hope!)


  1. Great idea!! AGDs are wonderful. Our youngest daughter (who is now grown up and moved away)has Addy and Samantha. I always wanted Kirsten, but didn't get her. Is she the one with the braids and glasses? Anyway, if so, that's her. Our daughter had braids and glasses at the time. Tink and Bear will have so much fun with them. :-)

  2. Ack! I'm so excited for your girls!!! I can't wait to get one for Zoe. I have Kirsten, my sister has Samantha. We LOVED our dolls. I was even too old to really play with dolls, but don't care, still love them. Seriously cannot wait to get to this stage. :) I should probably just get one for myself. :)

  3. Can't wait to see your girls with their dolls. You are right, every girl needs that special doll.

  4. We own 5 and 2 Itty Bitty Baby's! Now packed away for their girls!

  5. How special.. Both girls will be so happy and excited... Can't wait to see pictures.

  6. OH WOW... love those dolls. My daughter had a Samantha doll when little and I can't wait til she can dig her out for my granddaughter in a few years.



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