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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat!

 Yeah, I know I am a bit late, but we have been a bit busty around here, and I also wanted you to see the complete swing of transformations we have gone through in from Saturday through Tuesday.  This must be a prelude to the teenage years!  WOOOOO!

From Farm Girls:

to Groovy Girl and Darling Witch

to adorable daughters ready to go to a baby shower (Tink and I had to STOP Bear from playing with Play-Doh after she was dressed!  That girl is going to be the reason my hair turns gray!)

back to Trick or Treaters

to Saint Cecelia and Church Reader.  I'm dressed as a farm girl ready to go pick corn on her grandpa's farm, but that is another story......

I have to tell you that Bear had FOUR things to tell Father about Saint Cecelia, but all she got out was, "She lived in the Second Century!"  (PING!  Another gray hair!) Just kidding.   For those of you who are wondering, she died a martyr after being hacked on the necked three times and surviving for three day, and she was the Patron Saint of music and the blind.

Here are the rest of the Saints who marched into church yesterday!  Awesome Job Sacred Heart First Grade!

 And now to wake up may regular little girls to see what this day brings.   Happy Wednesday!


  1. Cute!! I'm with you and the grey hair. I'm not sure I'll survive Yip. :)

  2. Love the metamorphoses! The girls are adorable and I'm sure you'll enjoy every gray hair--later = )!!


  3. My fourteen year old son is giving me plenty of gray hairs...and he hasn't even started driving yet! Your girls are growing fast!

  4. Adorable photos!! And you ain't seen nothing of gray hair until they turn 13. There's something about 13, let me warn you!



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