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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I Am Thankful For Today: Our Veterans and My Nephew Being State-side This Veterans' Day

Today I am off to a meeting in the Big little town (Indy) to see my Real Farmwives of America & Friends.  I really need a girls day to catch up with everyone after harvest and have some fun face time with a group of great ladies....

BUT.....I am missing the Veterans' Day ceremonies at our school.  It's the first time!  And of course, Bear is marching in with the flag.

Sigh...... I think Tall Guy is going to go, and maybe, just maybe I can con him into taking the camera with him.  Danged ol' Mommy Guilt!

But, on this Veterans' Day, in addition to always being thankful and grateful for those who have served and are serving our country, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, I am especially thankful that my nephew Josh is safely in the good ol' USA to observe this day.  He has severed one tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.  This year he is at Fort Campbell, KY with his men.  He just posted, however, that he and his men had to welcome home a fallen soldier this week, and that loss just brings home to us that every day is a challenge for those overseas.

I will share with you some pictures from ceremonies at our school from previous years.  Thank you Grandpa Todd, Uncle Floyd, Uncle Howard, Uncle Warren, Uncle Dick, Josh, Joe, and all those who have worn or do wear a uniform to serve and protect this fine country of ours.

 The Cool Dude in the sun glasses is my nephew Josh!  Yes Ladies, I believe by all reports he is single!

Happy Veterans Day to all those who serve!  We honor and cherish each one of you and thank you for answering the call to duty.


  1. I am thankful right along with you that your nephew is Stateside this Veteran's Day. We should all be so proud of those who have served our country, putting their lives on the line. So sorry you'll miss Bear carrying the flag, but hope you'll have a great while you're gone.

    If you have time, I hope you'll hop on over to Cranberry Morning this morning to take my scent survey: Floral, Fruity, Woodsy, Herbal, Spicy. Which scent do YOU like best? :-)

  2. I hope you had a wonderful day with the girls???? And i don't know if i read it right but did you actually DRIVE the combine??? if you did that would make me soooo proud and i defiantly have to come over next year and ride with you! haha

    Lady i miss you soooooo much!
    Big hugs

  3. So happy your nephew is stateside. My son has a friend in MS waiting to be deployed and pray that the day for that does not come. He has served two tours in Afghanistan adn was always ready to go back, but now he has a fiance, and his mind has COMPLETELY changed. Prayers for all our men and women serving here and overseas.



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