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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The First Snow Fall of the Winter!

It's a couple days late in some books, but we will take it.  I went out the front door to snap these pictures.  The girls are in the backyard messing it up with big rolls of snow and fun.  Cocoa is on the stove and ready for them when they come in.  Click here for a trip to last year and how I make it on the stove just like my mom made it for my brother and me! Yeah, I should be out there, but I'm inside enjoying the view and trying to do about three things at one time.  Here's to finding a better way to balance it all in 2012!

These bushes were part of my new landscaping this summer, and I planted them especially for this very moment!  SCORE!

Well, housework and bookwork and wet head be DANGED!  I'm headed out to help my girls put their snowmen together!  Sometimes Mommy just has to do what Mommies are supposed to do!


  1. I'm very jealous, Lana. All we have here is RAIN and more RAIN... Dang!!!!! ha ha

    Great pictures... Have fun outside.

  2. So pretty! I love those red berries..enjoy the cocoa! ha, good thing those girls got some bike riding in huh?

  3. OH I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I want snow!!!! The pics of the bushes with berries are wonderful!!!

  4. Your bushes look so pretty in the snow.
    This was the one day this week I went to work--of course I'd pick the day with the sloppy, slippery commute!!!
    And, my girls built their snowMOM without me (but in my honor!).
    Happy New Year!

  5. Beautiful pics! I love snow and cannot wait until we get a bit ourselves. Glad you went out with the girls :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! My children are ready to move north in order to get snow. They keep asking when we will get some; I have to remind them it only comes once in a blue moon. Hope you and your girls enjoyed playing in the snow together!




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