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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grandma Lyons' Sour Cream Cookies

Yes, I am still alive!  My life has sort of taken a spin off  "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with one big Christmas Bazaar, two birthday parties, 80 new to the farm calves, too many meetings to count, 25 bags of Puppy Chow, 15 mini loaves of date nut bread ( I will share that recipe soon), Little Bear and I both on meds  (Tall Guy should be, and Tink made it through on Mucinex!), and two batches of my Grandma Lyons' Sour Cream cookies.

I really should be getting caught up on two months of book work and a budget for District 3 Farm Bureau, but I think I will start my working day by sharing the cookies and try to catch you all up on the rest of it in the next few days!

I'm going to cheat for the sake of time and post a pic of the recipe from the family cookbook.  Hope it fits my blog page ok!  Eh...good enough!  Oops!  Have to change the ages on the kids in my About Me section!

*On Step 4, it says to "sift soda" Scratch that and write in baking powder.

Did you see the first step?  "Work shortening (I used butter!) with a SPOON!"  Dang!  Well, if that's what Grandma said to do, then I was never one to disobey her, especially in the kitchen!

Ta Da!  Butter and sugar mixed!

Add the egg.  I doubled the recipe, so there are two in there!

Cake flour!  So glad Tall Guy did not see me bring one more different kind of flour into this house.  He thinks I've gone crazy already with regular, wheat, self-rising, and some other kind!  YIKES!

As you can see in the next picture, I have issues with hand-held sifters.  I can never seem to get all the flour out, and I hate greatly dislike to clean them!  I go with the old-fashioned put-it-through-the-wire-strainer-with-a-spoon trick.  Works for me.
Yes, I have also cabinet space and clutter issues!  Can you see the Muscinex bottle peeking out there at the bottom?

My little helper who was constantly under my feet the entire time!
WHITE OUT!  Nope, just the flour and sour cream.

 There we go.  Now, I did not add the walnuts because I am not a nuts-in-my-cookie kind of girl.

I also subbed in colored sugar for the cinnamon part so the cookies would look festive for the bake sale at the Christmas Bazaar.

Dipping the glass.

Smooshing the cookie dough.

Ready to go in the oven.

Ready to go in the bags!

I somehow forgot to take a picture of them all nicely bagged up in the pretty Christmas bags.  Probably because I had to race out and help temp 40 of the calves.  But that is a story for another day.

I had best get back to my neglected work before the boss man realizes I am blogging instead of adding and subtracting.   :-P on numbers!  ;-)


  1. that dough looks delicious! hope you're all recovering from your colds! and the new calves? a big old "awwww" from me.

  2. Hi Lana, I've been thinking about you.. Know you have been terribly busy lately.. Hope your life slows down a little so that you can truly enjoy Christmas.

    My grandmother's name was IDA... How 'bout that???? Her cookies look great.. Bet they taste good also.


  3. These look great and a bit similar to some my mom used to bake. I love them!

  4. They look delicious, and I love your mixing bowl!!! But I had to really work at fitting all those words into the '12 days of Christmas tune.' ;-)

  5. Hi! I'm making these cookies and noticed that the directions mention "soda"-
    How much baking soda goes in the recipe?

  6. Hi Erin, I know the directions say soda, but I didn't use any, and they turned out fine???? You must have caught me in a typo from way back. Good luck!

  7. Thank you :). They turned out great!!

  8. They turned out fantastic! Kids are loving them...should have made a double batch. Guess I will go make another batch:)



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