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Monday, December 12, 2011

Just So You Know I'm Here......FREE COOKBOOK

This is short but oh so sweet for you all with e-readers!

NO e-reader?  Put it on your Christmas list, but for now read on:

Disappointed because you don't HAVE an eBook reader?
Don't worry..anyone with a computer can enjoy this freebie! Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer FREE reading apps and, once you download them to your computer, it's like having an eBook reader right there on your desktop or laptop. See the handy links below and then visit our eBook landing page to download YOUR free eBooks.

Go HERE and get a FREE Christmas present for yourself from our dear friends at Gooseberry Patch!


Back to paying bills, balancing accounts, making presents, cleaning , laundry, and all that other fun stuff!



  1. Thanks! I'll have to let my daughter know about this. She loves her Kindle. :-)

  2. I downloaded this for my Nook. Thanks for letting me know about it!



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