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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Baking with my Grandma Lyons: Date Nut Bread

One food item that says Christmas to me more than most of the others is my Grandma Lyons' Date Nut Bread.  The different part of this memory is that it involves my mom making the recipe more than Grandma.  She used to start saving soup cans in the fall, then fill them up with this batter, and give the little loaves wrapped in tin foil with a red ribbon as Christmas gifts to everyone.

I have invested in some mini-loaf pans and am trying to continue this tradition.  I made 15 mini loaves for our school's bake sale, and I am running to the Big Little town today to get more supplies and try to knock a hole in my Christmas shopping list.  While I don't make the sauce to go with the mini loaves, I will be making big loaves this week AND making the sauce to go with it because it is just TO.DIE.FOR., and I have a Lyons Christmas gathering to attend. Yes, it will cost you a few calories, but warm it up and pour some on your bread, and you just won't care, or you can dance for joy and start working off some of the sugar!

 Call me old-fashioned, but I usually like to chop things up by hand.  It's good therapy.  So I start by shopping up the dates.

Add the baking soda

 Then the boiling water. 

Here I am, again going back to the easy way at least for me, sifting flour

Mix it all together.  Looks like I forget to show you the nut-chopping step!

Fill up the "well greased" pans.  I used the baking Pam can.  Sorry Grandma!

And POOF!  These lovely loaves are ready to be wrapped and delivered.  You can buy small containers and include the sauce in the gift giving, but for a bake sale, I opted not to do this step.

Ok, now rush out there and find some dates and pecans to chop and get baking!  Only 12 days until Christmas!  DANG!  Now I am going to have Lords Leaping and Maids a Milking in my head!


Speaking of Maids a Milking (that WAS kind of slick wasn't it!?!?!), head on over to their blog for even more great baking ideas because it's Tuesday, and that's when they turn into Two Maids a Baking!  My pal Jen at Mess Hall to Bistro is also sharing great recipes on her Made from Scratch Tuesday Blog.  Happy baking!



  1. Hi Lana, Your Grandma Ida was a great cook!!!! My mother was also--and I didn't learn that from her... ha

    Mama used to make things with dates in them --and that is one thing which I never ever liked (still don't)... SO---if I made that bread, I would change to bananas or cranberries...


  2. They look delicious. I picked up some dates last week with this thought in mind. Your recipe is different. I like the good "rise" your loaves have.

    I'm curious as to what town you refer to as your "Big Little Town".


  3. I think you did mention Lafayette before. I miss going down since my son has graduated. However, his wife will be getting her PhD in the spring so I'm looking forward to heading down then.


  4. Boy I love date bread may have to try that. Thanks for sharing .

  5. I should invest in some of those mini loaf pans sometime. They make such cute little breads!
    They are ONE serving, right??

  6. Those look yummy. I've never tried dates before. I was planning on making those jars, with ingredients for cookies in them, with the recipe attached as gifts. The bread is also a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. The bread looks wonderful! You are one busy lady! :) Hope you're enjoying the holidays!



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