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Monday, December 26, 2011

The One Nice Thing about Not Having Snow on Christmas Is......

....the girls were able to put Santa's gifts on the road ASAP!

First, a little test driving in the garage under Daddy's supervision.  They are 20 inch bikes, and that's a bit of a stretch for Bear.  I'm sure it won't be for long though!

Now they are ready for the barn lot test.

Bear needed Daddy's steady hand to get her going at first....

But Tink took right off.  Those extra two years of leg growth helped her out a bunch!

Bear just about has it and her confidence!

Looks like Daddy's going to be caught in the farmer girls' version of the Indy 500!

The race is ON!

And everyone was a winner this Christmas.  What a crazy wonderful last few days we have had.  Now it's time to regroup and get ready to put 2011 to bed.  Hope your Christmas was merry and bright, and you were able to spend time with most if not all the people you love.


  1. Yay!! New bikes, normally I'd be sad there wasn't snow for you all but so happy that it worked out this year! They look great on them.

  2. How fun! Those look like two happy girls. One of my favorite Christmas memories is of my then 3-year-old (almost) sister out on the ice with her new battery-operated 3-wheeler. She didn't let snow/ice stop her! Glad your girls didn't have to worry about that.

  3. That is great.. they girls and dad look like they are having a blast!!! Merry Christmas.

  4. ooh nice, what great gifts! speaking of snow, my father in law told me that last year on the day after xmas we had over a foot of snow! it was not a white xmas this year.



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