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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Week in Review: The Good, the Great, and the Cautionary

Whew!  We survived!  Three Christmases this past weekend.  DANG!  Well, I'm not exactly sure how well I survived because I'm not getting on the scales for two more days, but I did try to just "sample" most of the great food on each table.

Want some GREAT NEWS?  My dear friend Leontine is STABLE after her two rounds of battle with her caner-fighting treatment!  That is an incredibly wonderful bit of news to hear.  Please continue to keep her in your heart and prayers; I don't think this fight is over, but she is holding her ground and staying strong!

Now, here is a cautionary tale to tell.  Saturday afternoon one of Tall Guy's cousins was waiting in the parking lot to enter the church hall to set up for the BIG family Christmas.  While waiting on her mom to bring the keys, her four-year-old little boy wanted to show his mommy a cool picture so he hopped out of his car seat and raced up to the front of the van to show it to her.  He didn't see the crock pot of soup on the floor and unfortunately stepped right into it.  Yep, it  was very hot.  Yep, his foot suffered burns.  EMTs treated it, then they decided to take him down to Lafayette for a better look, where it was decided to send him on to Riley's Children's Hospital and their Burn Unit.  Now he is in good spirits, and those people know how to make little ones has comfortable and happy as they can, but it's too soon to say how they will treat his burns.  This was such a freak accident, but I know that we all are hauling hot food here and there over the holidays to dinners, me included, and this is, unfortunately, a serious reminder to be careful and safe with those hot foods.

While all this Christmasing went on this weekend, I handed over my point and shoot to the girls to let them capture the moments.  I'll leave you with some of their gems.

 Some cuddle time with my great-nephew Baby M

Why is it when you see a picture of yourself, the reaction is usually, "Seriously?  That's what I look like?

Not sure who is giving whom pointers on napping in this one.

My dad, Great Grandpa, with the little guy.

Of course, Great Grandma had to have her time too.  Baby M also spent time with two of his Great Great Aunts and several third cousins.  He was the hit of this party, as all babies usually are!

Tink in her new outfit.

On to the next party and a new table of yummy things to eat.  Who knew mice could look so darned cute?

Usually cute Little Cuz has her Grrr going here.

Miss Bear is hamming it up for the camera.

These two cutie-pies are just a couple of days apart and had fun getting to know each other. 

Little mini-Grandpa is giving Daddy a lesson on napping (that's Tall Guy's little bro)

Tall Guy with his girls.

Did you know Barbie has a remake of A Christmas Carol?

Bear is sharing her DS with a new friend.

A great time was had by all.  Now I just hope everyone wakes up ready to go to school in about an hour.  We usually are done, but the girls go through Wednesday, and I hear Tippecanoe County schools are going through Friday.  News like that make me happy I am not teaching!  The next Christmas is here on Friday so I have a few days to regroup, wrap, and bake, and yeah, I will probably have to do a bit of cleaning here and there as well.  DANG!

Hope your weekend was a good one.  Keep all that hot food in a box with a lid on it if possible, and have a safe, fun, calm-when-you-can-manage-it week!  Only a few more shopping days left!


  1. Thank you for posting the cautionary tale! And to think how quickly things like that can happen!

    Enjoyed the family pics. :-)
    Have a great, if way too busy, week Lana.

  2. yay about leontine, yikes about the soup burns, and fun pics of people having fun.

    we have 2 of our 3 chanukah celebratrions, and our last one is friday night dinner with my family and actual candle lighting. love this time of year, don't you?

  3. Hi Lana, I'm tired just thinking about your THREE Christmas parties... That baby certainly got alot of attention, didn't he?

    Great news about Leontien.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. You are a busy chick! Your girls and so cute and I love that pic of Tall Guy napping with the baby.

  5. Also, I hope the little burn patient recovers well!

  6. You have such a beautiful family! I hope your cousin's little guy will be okay and able to enjoy Christmas this weekend.

    Prayers for your friend Leontine!

    Merry Christmas, Lana!

  7. Hang in there, Girl. You can make it to the end!
    I thought we were going to do 3 whirl-wind Christmases, but the two out-of-town events were canceled. (Think I'm feeling left out? Heck no!)

    Those mousie candies are so, so cute!
    Have a Merry Christmas!



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