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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Just about Broke My Heart

No one in my house, well maybe with the exception of Tall Guy, likes to take the Christmas tree down, but this year it seems to be especially hard on Bear, on the couch in the sun room "tired" and our cat, Pumpkin.  She loves hanging out under the tree, and I always have to leave a space for her to curl up between the presents.

This was her position as I took the tree down.  She stayed there through all the ornament defrocking, lights detangled, and branches taken down.  Right to the very last row.  Bless her heart!

Now to go find the fur brush, and get a month's worth of cat hair off the tree skirt.  Until next year, Good-bye Christmas tree!


  1. aw, the sweet thing. Maybe a big potted plant will help her til next year.

  2. OH NO.... you took it down ALREADY???? I would be sad too. Mine will be up for a couple more weeks.... I never like to see it go.

  3. Mine is down already too. Just time to get back to business. Sweet kitty. I miss having one in the house.

  4. I will be taking mine down today...so sad! That look in the cat's eyes in the last photo is hear wrenching. She looks absolutely depressed about the whole thing :) Poor kitty!




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