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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Tink's 9th Birthday

Wordless is the KEY word around here these days since I have lost my voice.  Those of you "silent readers" out there who have known me forever can totally recall how frustrating it is for me not to be able to talk.  It probably isn't too big of a surprise to those who haven't known me quite as long.


I used to sing, a lot, and I was/am always vocal at sporting events, and that is a nasty combination after a "few years."  Somewhere back in the early '90's I had nodules removed from my vocal cords, which put me right next to Julie Andrews in the "where the heck did my three octave range go?"  Sigh.....

Now a nasty cold usually puts me in the quiet box for at least a few days.  Blah blah blah....cough..cough..gasp...gasp....UGH!

Time to give Tink her due and share with you her birthday pics.  Her big day stretched from Thanksgiving until the 30th, the official day.  I still owe her a gathering of friends, but it's too crazy right now to pull off.  We are hoping for some down time over Christmas to get that done.

First up is our newest family member on Tall Guy's side.  Doesn't look like Grandpa at all right?


Next, we sang to Little Bear and had candles on her side of the big cookie.

Little Cuz helped with the blowing.

Now it's FINALLY Tink's turn as Grandma lights the candles on her side.

Tall Guy and his girls!

Why do these two pics remind me of "Charlie's Angels"?   This scares me too! Or it will in about ten years!

Tickle time with Uncle E.

Back home, and it is officially Tink's day. See that cake?  It is covered in ganache, thanks to Miss Leah's comment on FB one evening.  You melt like nine squares of Bakers' Chocolate in a bowl by pouring a cup of boiling heavy cream over it, and then stirring in just a bit of vanilla or rum!  OH. MY. GOSH!  Calories were not counted this night!

Neighbors Wannie and Mike brought over a little something. 
At first the girls just loved the pens.....then they realized what else Santa and the reindeer could do!

Bear and Tink have discovered Tom and Jerry.  Who knew these two guys had such staying power over the years!

More earrings!  ACK!

Little Miss Smarty Pants just knew she was getting an American Girl Doll since Bear did, so I didn't put it out.  I hid the new outfit in the bottom of the bag, so it was the last present she unwrapped.  We told her she could share Bear's doll.....oh for about a minute.  Then Bear ran to get her big sis her very own AG Doll.

And they dressed and accessorized happily ever after!

Happy Birthday to both our girls.  The time has gone by so quickly, and it seems each day just picks up speed.  Still heard tonight that I am the best mom in the world, even though things were a bit grumpy around bed time.  Gotta love hearing that, and I hope I get to hear it for many, many more years to come.

Good night Tink!

Good night Mommy!

Good night Bear!

Good night Mommy!

Just like the Waltons used to do it!

(Tally Guy is representing the family at a fair board meeting tonight.)

Good night everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday to the girls. Looks like a fun time was had by one and all. I love your goodnight Walton style! I'm giving my daughter-in-law "The Homecoming" and the first season of The Waltons for Christmas as she had never heard of them!!


  2. I just love this happy tribute, Lana. Sorry about your voice. Rest and recover quickly. Your girls are beautiful!

  3. Sorry you have lost your voice, Lana... BUT--I'll bet your hubby and girls LOVE it... ha ha ha

    Happy Birthday to both of your girls. They both had great parties---and looks like they LOVE their American Girls... CUTE!!!!!

    Take care of you, Lana...

  4. Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a lovely bunch of pics. That one of the nappers in the recliner...priceless!! And Tink, that bday cake looks awesome!



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