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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go Local When Looking for that Special Gift!

I know we are all shopped out, but if your family is like mine, you are just recovering from Christmas only to look at the calendar and exclaim,

"DANG!!!!!____________________ (fill your own name in the blank) has a birthday/anniversary coming up next week!"

I was scratching my head at Christmas trying to find unique gifts to fit the ladies lives on my side of the family.  I'm glad I was doing all that thinking in my kitchen because I contacted the dear person who painted my kitchen to see if she could work some of her magic on tote bags, and she did!

Remember my wonderful, unique kitchen walls?

Well, here are the bags Miss Kristi came up with, modeled by me two lovely assistants!

My sister-in-law loves her Corgis, so.....

 My niece is a new mom and loves Turquoise, so...........

 And my mom loves her birds, so......

Se how big and roomy they are?

All three bags were a big hit at unwrapping time.  The moral to the story is that sometimes we need to think just a bit about the people we are buying for and then try to make something practical and useful personalized so it will be fun.

Kristie did an AWESOME job.  Her business' name is The Charmed Paintbrush. This will link you to her Facebook page.  She is fun and easy to work with, and you will be so pleased with the results.  I know my readers who are not residents of the great state of Indiana can still contact her, or you may have such artists in your own neighborhood.  It's so much fun to support our local business owners and encourage their growth, and it doesn't have to be just one month out of the year!


  1. Love unique gifts like that! One year I had a girl I used to work with do a watercolor of the view from my parents place on the river...they still talk about it!

  2. Your blog caught my attention because I have found the shopping local secret..it is actually kind of fun! I love your words to walk by. Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE that bird bag, especially! - and of course the cute little models. :-)

  4. love those sassy models! visiting from your interview on Everyday Ruralty; yeah, I'm late to the party but still glad to be here. -smile-



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