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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Going Out with My Boots on!

A month or so ago, and my apologies for taking so long to sing-shoot-kick up my heals about this, I was asked to try ordering a pair of boots from CountryOutfitter.com 

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to be asked to do this review because, you see, for about ten years in my life I was the most devout country line dancer you would know.  I had black boots, tan boots burgudy boots, but my most favorite were my red boots.  I put them on, and I swear I could walk to the top of any mountain and dance the night away.  One of the reasons I put off this post is that I really wanted to dig out some old pictures and scan them to add, but December just flew by, and so I promise that I owe you a post about those crazy, wonderful years where I met some of my most cherished friends and had some of my best memories ( ok, maybe I lost a few of those memories too, but there were always those cherished friends around to remember for me!)  The days of my friends in our boots.  We always went out with our boots on as the song now goes!

So back to my boots.  I looked long and hard at a red pair, but you know, sometimes you just can't go back home as they say.  As I shared with another RFOA pal who is happily expecting her first child, the only dismay she might have with this whole experience is the good chance that her feet will change size.  She does have an incredible shoe collection of which she is quite fond.  Sigh..... the things we give up for motherhood.  My boots are sitting up in my closest waiting for "Cowboy" or "Western Day" to roll around so my girls can wear them.  They aren't quite there yet, but they will be soon.  Shoot maybe by the time their feet are 6 1/2 - 7's, my boots will be right back in style!

I now wear an 8 in boots, and here is the pair I selected.  They are called Ariat's Women's Legend Boots:  Russet Rebel!  A retailer of Ariat Legend boots, Country Outfitter sent me these Russet Rebel Ariat Legend Boots to review.

And this is what they look like up close and personal!

 Of course, no one was around to take a full-length picture of me in my boots, but with them on, off I went out for a full day of Christmas shopping, and not once did my little puppies bark (that means my feet were happy in my boots!)~!

I actually think I shopped with a bit of that old cocky attitude I always felt when I had my boots on back in the day!  And I needed it because I do not like to shop.

Thanks so much Country Outfitters, for putting that extra kick in my step; I truly have missed it.  They asked me to be truthful, and I promise I am being so.  Those of you who know me, know I turn all sorts of crazy colors and twitch if I try to fudge in the tiniest bit!  I LOVE my boots, and I hope you will check out Country Outfitters when you are thinking about spending some of that Christmas money. 


  1. I hate shopping too, especially for shoes! I had to throw away all my shoes a year ago because I found out I wore the wrong size and it was causing foot pain..ugg! Anyhow, those boots are awesome! I'm due for a new pair, thanks for sharing.

  2. Be thankful you only went to a size 8 with motherhood!
    I went from 10 to 11!!!
    Although, I must admit, if it was easier for me to find shoes, I'd have a whole lot more. (Really, I don't need any more.)
    Love those boots! Nice choice on the color.
    I love my Ariats!

  3. oh my gosh, lucky you to review those shoes. they look fab and totally versatile...as red ones might not be as much.



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