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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wranglers Worn on This Farm Too

My gal pals over at Real Farmwives of American and Friends are having a great giveaway this week, partnering with Wrangler jeans, and I wanted to give them our seal of approval!

My Tall Guy doesn't go too many places without his Wranglers!  Like Miss Jeanette's hubby over at FenceRow to FenceRow, he is a long legged guy, and Wranglers are easy to order in a 36/38 size.  I have a very hard time finding any other jeans with a 38 inch inseam.  We order around six pairs twice a year, and the old six head to the work drawer when the new six find their way to the hangers in the closet.  It's a good system, and they hold up.  Just about the time the knees go, the rest of the pants are getting thin and worn too, so unless there is an unforeseen tear on a sharp something out in the tool shed (and that DOES happen), these Wranglers are pretty darned tough!

Now I am intrigued to try the women's line and maybe even the kids line since Tink is headed to 4-H this spring.  I hope you all take a trip over to RFOA&F and sign up for your free pair of jeans!  It's an awesome giveaway!


  1. My husband doesn't wear jeans but the boys did. I always purchased Lee jeans. Not sure why. I remember the first time my mother got a pair of jeans. She was in her 70s and had a hard time going out of the house with them on. Soon, she was hooked!!


  2. I wear jeans every single day of my life! (occasionally a dress to church, but not always). So glad women aren't still wearing long dresses. yikes. Love the photos of your hard working farmer and the cute girls. ♥

  3. My farmer is a Wrangler kind of guy too!

  4. Every working man needs his Wranglers, Lana.... Glad Tall Guy can order them in his size... Great giveaway!



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