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Saturday, February 25, 2012

LIve Like You Were Dying

Do you know this song?   It's one of my favorite songs.  I hope you have the time to listen to it.  The message is a powerful one that we all need to listen to and REALLY hear.

You know each one of us only has today to put in our pockets and bank on.  Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow, while so promising and full of what ifs, is never a certainty.  We just have today.

My friend Kim, one of the first friends I made after Steve and I were married and I moved up here, found out she has breast cancer.  She is a nurse, so she is approaching this challenged with a lot of knowledge and a great bank of resources.  It was caught early, and things look very promising, but it's still knocked the wind out of our sails, and we are all pulling together and dusting ourselves off to get ready for the big fight.  Part of her own therapy and, I think, the nurse in her, wanted to start a blog to share this experience with others.  Kim feels that if she can help just one person go out and get that mammogram, or screening, or MRI, then sharing her story is worth it.  If you want to follow along with her and encourage her, Journeys is the name of her blog. If you have a moment, show her some love! You guys are so good at doing that!

My friend Tammy is on the good side of her fight.  Finished with chemo and radiation, her hair is growing back and prognosis is good.

Leontine also fighting her fight.  She has had steps backwards and forwards, and I know she still needs our thoughts and prayers.

Sometimes it is hard to be the recipient of so much prayer.  It might put pressure on that person to beat whatever illness or situation everyone is praying for him her to beat, but I hope all who receive prayers understand that we who are praying are asking the Lord be with you and your family to strengthen and guide you.  To comfort you, to heal you if that is His way, and to always be with you through your journey.  There is no win/loss in His eyes.  We never want to lose a friend on this earth, but that is the inevitable end to all our journeys, at least the one we lead here on earth.   All we truly have is today, whether we are the healthiest person on this earth or the weakest.

I guess this is what I am coming to realize as I get closer to that danged 50th birthday.  I know you all keep telling me it's just a number, but let's talk about a few numbers.  I will be 59 when Tink graduates from high school and 61 when Bear graduates (provided we all survive puberty!).  Then we add 4-5 years for college if that is their choice, and a couple more to get out and be on their own, and THEN, IF they have found the right guy, they might settle down, marry, and start a family.  MAYBE.  My crystal ball is a bit foggy on all this.  Of course their mother didn't marry until she was 39...... that would make me 79 when Tink marries and 81 when Bear marries.....

So I try not to think about numbers and tomorrows too much because I truly don't know what will happen.  I just have to live every day being the best and healthiest mom I can be.  Take care of Tall Guy, try to keep peace in the house, the cows in the right places, the girls on the bus, the bills paid, and the rest is gravy.

BUT..... I am trying to live more in the moment.  Watching our girls play, trying not to micro manage every moment, taking them places when we can to see what we can see together NOW, and trying to make each moment a good one.  They are not all great memorable moments, but if we live each day like it was our last, maybe at least at the end, we will have asked forgiveness from those we have wronged, spoken a kinder word instead of the harsh ones we wanted to say, and watched Nature play before us.

Every day is a gift.  Please be thankful for it, give thanks for it, and let someone know you are thankful he/she was a part of your day.  Pay it forward.



  1. Well said Lana we just move throughout this plain and do the right thing and be kind to all

  2. Such a well spoken post. Very inspiring too!

  3. Beautiful tribute and reminder, Lana. Live each day with no regrets. You are blessed. I believe Tim McGraw recorded that song after his former baseball player star father who he didn't have a relationship with most of his life, Tug McGraw died quickly from cancer. It's a fabulous song. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wonderful post, Lana. There are sick and hurting people all around us. We pray for them --but is that enough??? Bless their hearts... I wish I could take away the pain.

    When I lost one of my best friends to breast cancer last June, I realized how precious life really is. I miss her so much.


  5. My sister recently found that her breast cancer had returned and has gone to her liver. That song really hits home. We certainly hope that she has many good years, but when life becomes even more uncertain, you truly do know how precious each and every moment is.

  6. Well written and a good message.

  7. I truly believe that everyday is a gift. I have been. Cancer free for 1 year. Having a support system (like you) is key :)

  8. Love this song. Another great one is "I'm gonna love you through it" by Martina McBride - Prayers all 'round! <3

  9. Love that song! :) And yes, cancer it sooo tough. I will definitely stop by your friend's blog. :)

  10. AMEN to all of that. The song is one of my faves.



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