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Monday, February 6, 2012

Not Sure This Momma is Ready for Indiana's Favorite Pastime.

Ok, I have lived, breathed, and watched basketball since the day I was born....well almost.  I was born during baseball season!  Dad coached for years, then I was a fan, then I watched my students play and Purdue play.  I've probably seen more basketball games than two guys my age put together.....


those were BOYS' basketball games, NOT girls; although, I did watch many of my classmates play games and my students too.

Let's just say I haven't watched many little girls play ball, but I think it's in my future.

Yep, Tink had her first game last week.  Whew!  I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the four quarters.

She has a blast with her friends.

But the team they played had girls who were bigger, older (it was a 4th grade game, and only three of the girls on our team are 4th graders.  The rest are third graders, and that includes Tink).


they were a very physical team!  I don't think I have ever seen such pushing and shoving and bumping!  Tall Guy kept giving me the eye, which meant, "Don't even begin to say what you are thinking!"

DANG!  He's sat by me at too many Purdue games!

Now seriously, I do NOT say mean things.  I try to always be encouraging, but sometimes I do believe I notice infractions that the referees don't catch right away.



Check out this action on the free throw line!


We have game number two tomorrow night.  I am going to be as calm and collected as I can be.  I am going to smile and be encouraging and supportive.

And I may just take Tink out and show her how to discreetly discourage such actions if they happen again.

That, or I will be banished to working the concession stand. 

Yeah, I know.  It's just a game.  They are just learning how to play.  Breathe in....breathe out....breathe in.....breathe out and repeat as often as necessary!


P.S. Any tips out there on taking pictures of players in action?  I can't seem to get very clear pictures with my fancy camera.  Maybe that will take my mind off the smacking and swatting!


  1. Your Daughter is sure growing up. This where the memories come in.

  2. Your daughter will be a great little player I'm sure... My only advice to you is: "Don't be one of those obnoxious parents who hollers and complains loudly!" ha ha ... My son coaches girls softball --and he sometimes really struggles with parents' attitudes!!!!!


  3. Great pictures! My mom was always animated at my ball games too :)

    Is there a sports setting on your camera?

  4. Gyms are horrible for taking pictures. The lighting is awful in them.

  5. Know what's the matter? You're a good mom, that's what! You care about your girls and you care that the rules are followed. And why shouldn't they be.

    Cute pictures. Can't help with the fancy camera. I know my old camera had no trouble taking action shots, but I can't manage it with my newer one.

  6. Go Tink! When we first moved to Indiana, I didn't even know who Bobby Knight was!! Now, I not only watch some games but understand them. With one son graduating from I.U. and the other from Purdue, we don't know which team to root for when they play each other.




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