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Friday, February 24, 2012

What I've Been Doing....

Well,  I've been watching this.  They ended their season 4-1 and played better as both a team and individuals every time they took the floor.  Can't ask for much more from three fourth graders and six third graders!  

Reading that:  It's actually a bit out of my usual content read, but I liked it.  I had Lucy Lawless in my head the whole time playing the girl.  You remember Zeena, Warrior Princess right?  FREE  Kindle book!

Feeding these:  They are going through a lot of food!

 Working with these great kids to teach the younger ones about agriculture in our area:

Pst!  That's Ms. Joni from IFB in the brown sweater!  Thanks for heading up our way to join in the fun!

 Enjoying these mornings:

Helping Bear adjust to these:

 Helping Tall Guy with his Ginger fix.  See this post if you need an explanation:  Who To Take to Hawaii?  Mary Ann or Ginger?

Traveling here with ladies from my county to chat with our legislators about ag issues.

Trying to learn how to style this:  Love the new hair though.  Those curls were starting to make me feel old for some reason. Tall Guy took care of all his girls on Valentine's Day :-)

And a few other things that I am going to be late for if I don't get going!  More later!  Have a great weekend!


  1. What a busy and interesting life, Lana! It's a wonder you have time to blog at all. So fun, as always, to see photos of your girls and their activities. AND, speaking of Ginger, every time anyone says something like 'it's a three-hour drive from our house,' the Gilligan's Island song kicks in in my brain '♫ A three-hour tour.♫ lol Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow you have been one busy lady! I love your morning views. Those are some beautiful pics. Also our son will be getting adjusted to some braces too over his spring break.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Busy busy!! Way to go BBall girls! Love those sunrises, I haven't been able to get out on my own to take any photos like that :( lovin' the new hair!

  4. Love the new 'do' Lana... You look tremendous!!!! AND--you are so busy--so busy must be good for you!!!!

    My two Texas Grands play softball. I talked to my son last night ---and he was so excited since both girls had had a fabulous game... Such a proud Papa... Wish I were there to see them play.

    Let's enjoy the eagles together...

  5. Great pictures and you are a busy person. I know when you have children it takes time.



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