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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Foggy Days and a Famous Face

We have had so many in the past week or so, and with the fog turning into frost, it's definitely a photographer's dream!

The girls and I went out last Sunday to try and catch some of the frosted fog before it started to melt.  Of course, we also had to check on all the critters.


A....uhm....of I forget what this flower is!  DANG!

My hollyhocks never did die off!


It's either going to be an early spring, or there are going to be a lot of sad flower buffs when winter finally hits the Midwest and does a number on our confused and growing plants.

OH!  Speaking of Midwest...... I forgot to tell you about my brush with fame on our flight from Phoenix to Honolulu.  Recognize this face?  No, not mine, but the gentleman with me!

Are you a fan of WGN?   I had to call my mom as soon as we got off the plane because my mom thinks God whispers in this man's ear what the weather is going to be at our houses.!  ( we are three countied south of Chicago.  Our wind makes it the "Windy City"!

Yep, it's Tom Skilling!  We are even FB buddies!  He didn't remember me, (sarcasm!), but I had to have just a little chat with him, just for Mom's sake of course!  Tom was on vacation, just coming from Alaska and landing in Hawaii (WOW!), so he wasn't exactly sure what would be in store for us this spring, but he did say that spring might have many ups and downs for us in temp and precip.  Groovy!  It was still cool to meet him!

Hope your Wednesday was wonderful!


  1. Flowers!?!?! Crazy!

    And I love that first picture, and the fog picture!

  2. my flowers are already coming up, and then yesterday we had snow. poor little confused things!

  3. Hi Lana, Great photos... Love seeing the fog/frost... It clings to everything just like snow does.

    We may get a little snow this weekend... BUT--the temp on Sat. night is supposed to go down to about 13--and we may lose some of our new spring growth. Scary!!! Say a little prayer please. Sigh!




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