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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday's Post Almost Became Today's Reality!

First, If you missed yesterday's post/video, please go watch it.  It is a great message that we ladies need to slow down and listen to our bodies so that we do not miss the signs of a heart attack.

Ok, now to the post.....

ACK!  If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that I was looking forward to a peaceful day today with the house all to myself.  Yeah, laundry needed to be done... oh Dang!  Hang on!

Ok,  I'm back.  I realized all was quiet out in the laundry room, so I had to go switch everything around.....

So I'm kicking back, enjoying the quiet and thinking it was time to get on the treadmill for a walk when the phone rang.  I checked the caller ID before I answered, and it said




What proceeded was a request to come out to the house to do an interview for the news because I sent an all-points-bulletin out to every contact on my social media, yes including the TV station because we are Facebook buddies, about Indiana HB 1112.

What is that you ask?

Here is what my dear friend Amy, from The Fourth Frog Blog, sent me because she knew I would be all over it like sausage gravy on biscuits!

During this legislative session, the telephone companies have been successful in rushing through a bill that would allow them to pull service from areas that are not profitable to them without leaving any assured viable alternative for consumers. Use your phone now to call Governor Daniels toll-free at 1-800-994-7452 and ask him to veto House Bill 1112!

Right now, if a telephone company wants to stop service in an area, they must make their case before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission that another carrier remains and can provide adequate and reliable service. This process also gives customers a say. HB 1112 would entirely eliminate that “provider of last resort” obligation as well as the public process. As such, areas could be left with spotty and unreliable service, or none at all.

HB 1112 poses a real threat to the safety and security of many Hoosiers. By removing current protections, how can we be ensured that service won’t be affected, particularly in rural areas where cell phone service is spotty at best, and where cable service is non-existent? What about folks who connect their emergency-response systems to a landline phone? Or, how about seniors on fixed incomes who can’t afford cell phones?

The current process strikes a fair balance between the business needs of telephone companies and their customers. It isn’t broken, and doesn’t need fixing

She was right!  We barely have good cell service, and in a lot of places in our county we don't have any.  I called Indiana Farm Bureau and talked to one of our government guys.  He said he argued against this bill to a mostly deaf audience.  There MAY be Federal laws that would still ensure land-line coverage for rural areas if a company pulls out, but no one could guarantee this.

OK, back to the phone call.  It came at 10:30, and the reported wanted to come out here for an interview at noon.  I thought since I had talked the talk, I had better walk the walk, so I said, "Sure, come on out."

ACK!  Here is where the heart attack symptoms started into play.  I hung up, made a panicked call to Tall Guy to tell him what I had done, then started my best imitation of a Tasmanian devil to pick up the piles of laundry, pick up "stuff" around the house, reset the sun room (another long story), and then scramble up to get a shower and try to get my new hair-do to do what it did for my hairdresser on Tuesday.  (Can I get an AMEN for that?  It did "do" pretty well).  I just hope I burned off the calories I hoped to burn on the treadmill!

When I came back downstairs to continue the cleaning and picking up, the phone rang.  It was the reporter regretfully telling me they were not going to be able to come out because Senator Hershman had not yet gotten back with them about his bill, he is the author of HB 1112, and they wanted to chat with him first.

ACK!  Heart attack symptoms are at a peak then start to fade a tiny bit.

So now she has my contact information, and I guess we just wait and see.  I did leave her with a parting quote.  We may be the 88th county in Indiana in population, but we are 3rd in soybean production in the upper top ten in corn and hog production.  We also have two large dairies.  We are doing MILLIONS of dollars in business up here, not sitting around the general store playing checkers and tiddly winks (ok, I didn't say that very last part, but I will!).  We need the best communication available to us to market our products and connect with our service stores.  With cell phone coverage totally questionable in this county, we MUST be guaranteed land-line coverage.

If you are living in Indiana, please call Governor Daniels at  1-800-994-7452, and tell him to VETO this bill.

I'm now going to go rest a bit and try to find my inner peace.


  1. I guess I'd want to know if the telephone company was a privately owned company or a government owned company. If it's privately owned, I can understand, with the vast increase of cell phone usage, their inability to continue to make a profit (especially now when we've got the government giving cellphones and free minutes to people). None of us can stay in business if we don't make a profit. The grocery store, the contractor, the farmer, etc. don't want the government telling us that we have to provide a product or where we have to sell our product or how much we can charge for it - risking losing a profit if we provide it.

  2. I think your effort with this is excellent! I would have panicked too if the tv station was coming by for a visit.

  3. Even during those times of panic, life can be good, Lana. I'm so proud of you for taking on that project... Hopefully, you can help MANY people who probably don't even know that this is happening... Good for you!!!!! Keep spreading the word...


  4. Final word. I don't want to put anyone out of business, but I DO want some sort of quality phone service guaranteed for rural communities before a major provider is allowed to pull out. Does that mean all the doctors' offices in town will not have service? Our County seat has HORRIBLE internet service; calls are dropped from block to block!

  5. If you do make it on TV, be sure to post a clip! :)

    That bills sounds crazy and I truly hope it's vetoed!!



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