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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bowling with the Youngin's


We had one long week last week!  It was meeting after meeting after project deadline after project deadline.  There was a great surprise on Friday night that I will tell you more about later.  I'm such a tease!

Saturday night I poured Oil of O'Lay all over me and Tall Guy, and we impersonated  Young Farmers at our county Farm Bureau's Young Farmer outing at the local bowling alley.  A great time was had by all as you shall soon see!

Some people had some interesting moves and tricks as they bowled.......

It was definitely a time for some family bonding after chasing our tails all over the county the past few nights!

In the middle of it all, Miss Carrie and I held an impromptu Wranglers (c) contest!  I should have been rooting for this pair below

And she should have been rooting for this pair, but.......(oh, you just knew that pun was coming didn't you?)

 This one below won the competition hands down!

How cute is he?   Yes, he belongs to Miss Carrie, but our girls would scoop him up and take him home with us in a heartbeat.   I couldn't even bring myself to touch up his picture by taking the chocolate off his face.  It just adds to his cuteness.

 Ok, I had better give some face time to these two cuties before I get in to trouble for showing favoritism!

 Here's part of the crew.

LOVE this series of shots.  I was trying so hard to get the last one, but these in between are just as priceless~

Hope you are taking some time to spend with family this weekend.  With all the nice weather, I know our farm families will be seeing Daddies, Grandpas, Big Brothers, AND some of the ladies heading out to the fields.  We have already started working ground this week.

With that being said, let's all be careful out there sharing the road with the Big Boys and their Big Toys.  Be safe, and as we say out here, if you can't see around us, PLEASE STAY BEHIND US!  We will get over as soon as we can to let you pass.

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  1. I could really sense the fun of that evening as I read this post. And as always, enjoyed the photos. Love those sweet smiles on your girls' faces. :-)



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