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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Mom!

Dang!  I am cutting it short on this one!  Her day is almost over, and I don't know where mine has gone!

Here are some fun pictures from the Sunday party we had here for my mom.  I'm pretty sure she was glad to see us all, but this little big guy just has the biggest piece of her heart right now, her great grandson!

They were having quite the conversation out in the sun room.  Then he did that thing he does with only Mom;  he tinkled on her.  It's just what they do together.

Later on the Little Prince was not so happy so.........

of course I just had to scoop him up for a little Great Nana TLC.

There, off to dreamland he goes.

While everyone else gets into an intense game of Golf.  Do you know this game?  It's rather cut throat at our table, and everyone plays, well except me this time because I put myself on baby duty!  :-)

Happy Birthday Mom!  Here's to many many more to come!
Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I have to say it....

BOILER UP on Sunday!  (For you out-of-staters, it's the PU vs, IU game, last one of the year, and IU is going down,  Just sayin'!)


  1. Sounds like a lovely party for your mom! Happy birthday to her. And I enjoyed the photos, even the unhappy baby. lol I would have taken baby duty too, rather than play with those who play to the death. I had two brothers like that. Unfortunately, for me a game was always just for fun- so they HATED me on their team. lol

  2. I would have taken baby duty too! lol He is so cute in that crying photo!



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