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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look Who Is All Grown Up!

Remember these cute little things?

So adorable....

The best friends our girls could ever have other than each other and Sadie of course....

 Cute, cuddly, and man did they purr.....all.the.time!  They STILL do!

So trusting

So curious

Well, they made it through the winter or whatever that was we had from November through today!

 And Bear is very excited that at least one, Cutie Pie, is showing signs of adding to our numbers!

This should be interesting~  None of our animals give birth on the farm, unless you count the wild ones.  Start sending me the right words to 'splain this all to them so that they understand it THE FIRST TIME I TELL THEM!  I think I have a month or two to get my "chat" ready.

How have you introduced your girls to the world of babies and creation?  I'm all ears!  How old were they?  I'm figuring that even though Tink is two years older than Bear, I might as well at least start the talk with both of them because one will go running to the other with what she knows.  God Bless animals on the farm for moments like these.

Don't forget to check back in Monday for a post about Tall Guy in his new Carhartt coat and how you can win one of your very own with Real Farmwives of America!  Have a great weekend!


  1. What beautiful cats! I think that pets can teach our kids so much about responsibility and caregiving and gentleness and reliability. Fun photos, Lana.

  2. Aww they are so cute! I wish we had some kittens on the farm!!



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