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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pictoral Ode to Ag Day!

Thought I would celebrate by share a few of my favorite farm pictures from the past.

Gee Wiz!  The girls sure have grown!

As a reward for scrolling through all the pictures, if you look closely, you will see me in my Carhartts, not such a flattering picture, but I am WARM!, being a bar wench during medicine rounds.  Thanks again Carhartts for the generous gift!

If a picture paints a thousand words, here's my version of War and Peace!

Wouldn't change my life on the farm for anything in the world.  Go hug a farmer today and say thank you for your affordable food.  Ok, I'll hug the farmer for you; you can just say thanks! ;-) 


  1. Great pics Lana, I just love when you post the ones of the girls walking in the field; they're my favorites!

  2. You have some REALLY great shots in this series!

  3. Happy AG day. Your post on FB this morning CRACKED ME UP!!! I hope someone hugged you and your wet self. :o)

  4. Oh I LOVE these pictures! Your girls are so pretty!! :)

  5. Lana, I absolutely loved this photo essay! Those are great pics of family life on the farm. And the storm coming in...beautiful with the windmill blades. Darling photos of Tink and Bear. Can't get over how huge farm equipment is these days. I've seen those Indiana fields that go on forever!



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