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Monday, March 19, 2012

Real Farmwives: Behind the Scenes

I finally looked at these pictures from a recent workshop and had to giggle at the crazy cords.  And the noise......Poor Cris..... It's hard to keep the attention of multi-taskers who are chatting, messaging, tweeting, e-mailing, and talking all at the same time  while listening to what is being said and following directions.  It's kind of how we roll, but it looks and sounds a bit like anarchy at times.

There, we are all focused again!  Whew!

Speaking of focused........ Here is Miss Sara from This Farm Family's Life getting a different perspective of the yummy rolls Miss Leontine took the time to order for us.  We would have rather had her there, but the rolls were almost as sweet as she is!  Thanks again Leontine!

Just thought you might like a peek into the chaos behind the calm or the calm behind the chaos.  It's all how you look at it.  I do know that it is great fun to get together with blogging buddies to unwind, giggle, learn, and share ideas.  I hope you get to visit with some of your blogging buddies too.

How is life through your lens today?


  1. Ha! I had no clue you were taking that pic. You are pretty sneaky!

  2. Looks like everyone was having a fantastic time!! :-)

  3. Looks like a great gathering of some smart ladies!



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