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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunsets in Hawaii

 For some reason I have just been out of sorts.

My glass doesn't always seem half full, someone is always a bit too much in my space, there is no such thing as a little issue, and so I am going back to January and looking at pictures that make me happy.

Interestingly enough, I am hearing that a lot of my friends are having the same dark cloud following them around, so in the spirit of spreading a bit of sunshine in everyone's world (and I'm not talking about the stuff out in the barn lot!), I thought I would share.  I think I will keep the theme going a bit as I have more pictures of Hawaii to show you.  Hope these make you stop, take a deep cleansing breath, and let those shoulder and neck muscles relax for just a bit.

I'm off today to spend time with my bloggy friends (if the wind doesn't blow me off the roads!)  It's the best way I know, short of hopping on a plane to places like this, to find my smile.  Girl time is something we all need to make for each other.  It makes us better moms, wives, and people.

Have a great day!


  1. My out of sorts week was last week. I'm finally getting out of it, hope you do too today. Those photos are gorgeous. I really enjoyed them. Have fun with your bloggy friends today!

  2. Hi Lana, WELL---if there is a dark cloud out there today, everyone just needs to come to your blog and look at the great 'sunshine' pictures... Wow---just beautiful..

    Have a great day with friends.

  3. Those are some awesome pics! Aren't you quite the photographer :) My brother is in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii and he gets to see that all of the time. I am so jealous! Have a great time with your friends today. Nothin better than girl time.


  4. Lana, put a little more liquid in that glass girlie hahaha. The pictures are gorgeous and yes they did make me smile. Sometimes just wonderful memories can brighten an otherwise down day. Thanks for spreading a little sunshine and cheer.



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