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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Out~Takes from the Carhartt Shoot

I think it was W. C. Fields who said it was "not a good idea" to work with children and/or animals, and he might have been right.  I was sensing a lot of attitude as I shot Tall Guy's pics for his Carhartt post, and for once it wasn't coming so much from him!

Take a look:

Sadie was quickly bored with Tall Guy's truck poses......

" R U Dun Yet?"

 YEAH!  US time!  Finally!

Uh Oh!  TG had better have his rear deflector shields up!  I speak from experience!  That's why I said Jerry is my boyfriend.  After changing his water and feed one morning, I determined we officially were going steady!

Sadie loves her some milk replacer!

Remember the phrase "Suck Face" from On Golden Pond?

Yes, I am dating myself in a serious way, but get back to the question....

This has to be where it originated!

 Awwww.. Aren't they cute?!?!?!

While we were out with the big ones, I had a sneaking suspicion I was not alone.  Cows have no respect for personal space and are curious beasts by nature.  This one was especially interested with the bottom of my boot!

" How Now Brown Cow?

(It really is brown, but the sunrise cast a nice red to its coat)

Won't you PLEASE get out of my way?"

Shhhhhhh......Be vewy quiet!  .........

I'm hunting my shadow!"

We get a bit loopy out on the farm waiting for planting season to roll around.  Good thing it's right around the corner.  Our official date is around April 5....the date when insurance will pay for crops damaged by an early freeze.  The official last frost date in these parts in April 12.  On behalf of my lilacs and apple tree about to open up and bloom, I hope we are past that date!

Have a great day!

P.S.  I'm carrying my animal theme over to my vacay pictures!  I FINALLY shot an AWESOME dolphin picture in the wild, and it was a TWO-FER!  I also got some great ones of a certain dolphin made famous in a movie that came out this "winter."  Winter is a hint!   Keep on coming back.  I will post in it in a day or two unless Tall Guy decides I need to learn how to work ground.  Last week I was bending over picking up shells; today I was scooping corn in a grain bin.  BAD TRADE!  ;-)  I'm sure the next task is picking up field rocks!  VACAY OVER!  but it was a great one!  Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait to see your vacay pix. The girls will love seeing Winter's pictures. They loved the movie and may be getting it in their Easter basket...or so the Easter Bunny says. Have a great day!

  2. Those calves are adorable! Me too, can't wait to see your vacay pics. I'd love some fun on the beach!

  3. so cute! and it sounds like one of them got a little fresh with you-that is too funny!

  4. AH---what cute pictures... Love is in bloom!!!!! I do remember 'suck face' in On Golden Pond... LOVED that movie!!!

    Great animal photos today!



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