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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do You Do It Right When You Wake Up or Wait?

Did I get your attention?

Let's have a little more fun....

Just heard the melodic tinkle of my phone.  Went to see who was calling me at 7:50 in the morning, and it was Tall Guy, who has been outside for a while. 

I don't even say Hi, I answer, "Is this going to involve me putting on underwear?"

"Yep," he said...


So I am taking a poll this morning:

How many of you get dressed as soon as you get out of bed?

I think you know my obvious answer, but that doesn't mean I'm sipping coffee and watching a morning news show.  I have fed two girls twice (have to send their lunch every day), made sure they were dressed.  Sat down with Tink this morning to go over homework she didn't show me last night that was done incorrectly.  Fixed that, took clean laundry out of the dryer and put on the couch to be folded when I do want a moment in front of the tube, made my own breakfast, and just settled down to eat and catch up on my FB and Blog friends when those melodic bells on my phone went off.

Now I am dressed because I need to go out and feed and water some critters so Tall Guy and Grandpa can attempt to spray bean ground before Mr. Wind gets up and puts on his blustery pants.

So do you do it right when you wake up or wait a while?

Have a great day!


  1. I wait. I just got dressed for the day. I so wish I was a morning person and could hop out of bed then shower and dress right away.

  2. i do it right if that means sipping a cup of coffee and reading the NY Times--make that two cups of coffee. I'm a caffeine and news "junkie".


  3. Are you kidding??! I get dressed AFTER I've had my coffee. In fact, on occasional winter mornings when we've had several degrees below zero at night and the upstairs is especially chilly, I may not even need to get dressed in the morning because I've gone to bed with my clothes on. True confession. lol

  4. I wait. And then I regret it when I need to go somewhere. Lol. And if I DO get dressed in the morning (a lot of times I have to walk my kindergartner in to school), I put pajama pants back on as soon as I get back.

  5. Oh, I wish I could get dressed as soon as I was out of bed! I get up, get 2 kids dressed, fed, remind them of their chores, read with them (and record it as part of their homework) make sure they have lunches/show and tell/library books and finally get them out the door a little before 8am. (This whole time I'm chugging coffee like nobody's business) Then and only then do my 3 year old and I get a chance to brush our teeth and get dressed.

    Oi, I need a nap after reading what I just typed!

  6. As a retired farmwife/teacher/now gramma I cannot seem to get into a routine... If I don't get dressed someone undoubtedly comes to the door or needs me, I I do get dressed I have ruined all chances of going back to bed when Grandpa goes out the door.

  7. Oh, by the way, I am a retired teacher but NOT retired farmwife/now gramma.

  8. Monday-Friday I get up and get at it. Have to get all rounded up and get us all out the door. On the weekends I like to hang out in the pj's as loooong as possible.



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