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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Only the Shadow Knows......

 Ah...The Shadow..  "Who knows what evil lurks?  Only The Shadow knows!"

One of my dad's favorite sayings as I grew up.  It's from an old radio show, but it certainly applied to our vacation this spring break.  The girls really took to the ocean, ok Gulf, this year.  I was very proud of Tink for venturing out on her own.  She is starting to show some Big Girl signs of growing up as she approaches the two-digits.

Bear has always been my big fan of waves though.  She will stay out there FOR.EVER.



Last year it was jellyfish that chased us out for two or three days.  This year, we were out jumping waves, giggling, and having a good ol' time, when I noticed shadows on, or what I thought was on the water.

I looked up.....no clouds...... Hmmmmmmm............DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked back down, of course I do not have my glasses on because I really don't need them don't have prescription sun glasses like some tall person I know who was lounging in the shade.

These "shadows" were of different sizes, but they were moving and very much ALIVE!  My first and best guess is that a bunch of these guys were suddenly swimming with us!

See???  Shadows!!!!!

A very long line of them....

Very close to shore !

Now I can tell you the difference between an Angus and a Holstein cow, but in the water, this Indiana girl is not so good at figuring out if I have manta rays or sting rays passing by my toes.....

So we moved the party to the pool, and let these guys migrate their way on up the coast.  

Want to hear a funny story?  I went back out into the water to check if the critters had moved on, and came up on a mass that was about SIX FEET long!  I was kind of excited because there had been manatees spotted just in front of our place, and I have never seen one in the wild.  I sent Bear back up the beach to go get Tall Guy, for moral support, and went out,

yes, I know, you can say it.......

Are you done yet?

I went out to investigate.  I followed the mass for about 5-8 minutes, and it always stayed about four feet away from me.  It was right on the break of the wave, about 3 feet deep, so it was hard to get a clear view, so I got a bit closer, and that is when my 6 foot thingy SPLIT into THREE THINGIES!  ACK!  Out of the water I came.

Apparently rays like to swim very close together!

Who knew?

I guess Dad was right..... Only The Shadow Knows!  ;-)


  1. Beautiful captures Lana! But yes the shadows would have had me out of there in seconds.

  2. I would have been suspect of the shadows too!

  3. Well---you have to get out there and check it out yourself... I would do that too!!!!!! Otherwise, how would you have known???

    Looks like a great vacation... We are going to the beach the end of April/first of May --and I can't wait.


  4. ha ha! gorgeous photos, and I would have freaked from the shadows too.

  5. I could feel the suspense just reading this. My, you were braver than I!
    Love your pictures. They always look fabulous!!!


  6. Those sting rays scare the bejeebies out of me. I remember once when my kids were little, their dad stayed in the water with them while little rays were close. I, being the good mom I am, stayed on shore and watched the 3 crazies swimming with the rays. ICK.

  7. LOL! So funny! I had my first snorkeling experience last summer in HI. Sans glasses for the obvious snorkeling with glasses reason - to come face to face with a giant sea turtle nearly my size, swimming towards me! Word of advice, Do Not scream when you are snorkeling! Pull your face out of the water, first! Looks like your girls had a blast!

  8. oh man, that is super scary to discover it was not a sweet and adorable manatee. as we are gearing up for our aruba vacation, i keep asking the boyfriend about the likelihood of sharks there. eek!

  9. haha, as scary as they were it was pretty cool to see some ocean life up close!



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