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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Or~ Sometimes I Wish I Could Be My Cat for an Afternoon

Dear Mom and Dad,

Please do not read ,or at at least don't look at the first picture of this post!

Thanks and all my love,



I have been spending time here

trying to find what we used to call "The Girls' Room."

It's now known as "Hoarders -R-Us~!"

Some afternoons, I just wish I was my cat.

Come on Punk, skooch over and share some of that chenille and sun!

 Yeah, I see your eyes!  FAKE SLEEPER! 

Sigh.......Round Two continues today..................  Stay tuned!


  1. guess i was lucky to have extremely neat boys. um, if you need a bridge on the farm, i have one in brooklyn for sale.


  2. My daughter is much the same. I was found gum that she had spit out...on the floor...because she was too lazy to get up and put it in the trash can. (Cannot believe I have admitted that.) I feel your pain sister!

  3. Hi Lana, It would be nice to be a cat sometimes. They do have the best of all lives, don't they???

    Your girls' room is THEIR responsibility, not yours... Just give them some RULES... My sons HAD to clean their rooms once a day before going to bed.... Bribery helped!!!! ha


  4. Groan! That does not look like fun. Good luck with the project. Hope everything turns out well and that everyone still loves each other when it's over. lol Fun post. Lazy, loafing cat. ;-)

  5. At least you can see the carpet - seriously in my kids bedrooms I swear we put carpet down but am not positive cause haven't seen it in years!
    And Michelle been there done that with the gum (more than once - can't believe I just admitted that)!

  6. Oh yes i would love to be our cat just for one day!! haha (or yours!)

    At the moment we have a crazy cat, it meows the whole time! all true the day and sometimes the night, if you say hi kitty (in Dutch) it meows and then it keeps meowing, like it wants to tell you this great story.

    I hope you and the rest of the family are doing good!?
    Big hugs!

  7. Lana: would you please let Lontien know that I always check on her and send her prayers and well wishes? For some reason, I cannot leave a comment on her blog and don't have her e-mail. Thank you.




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