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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Banana~Chocolate Chip Bread

Ok, I am cheating a bit here because I did not stop to take process pictures of creaming butter and sugar together and all that, but I know you all know what that looks like.  This was a time sensitive mission because my bananas were ripening at a very rapid pace.!  I can't even eat the wonderful fruit once the first brown spot appears.  So here is the finished product, or what's left of it, and the yummy recipe I started with but, of course, changed as I went along.

 The recipe is a bit blurring here at the bottom, but I poured in some Ghirardelli chocolate chips, my ABSOLUTE favorite, and I omitted the nuts because things are nutty around here enough without adding more to the mix!

I also used whole wheat flour instead of the white, and no one even noticed!  Sneaky chick I am!

The recipe came from here.  Love Taste of Home for great recipe ideas!  Click Here for your very own copy!

 Great texture, fiber, and yummy chocolate with fruit!  What more can you ask for?


Linking up with one of my favorite mommies to be at Two Maids a Milking!  Oh!  Everyone head over to A latte with Ott. A, and tell her congratulations on the arrival of Miss Collette on May 8th, her very own due date no less!  Have a great day!

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  1. Looks delicious, Lana. My sweet mother-in-law (God Rest her Soul) used to make the best banana bread I've ever eaten... We miss that lady.

    Thanks for the recipe.



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