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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bucket List Check off!

diarycow wlndmills

Well with T-6 days until the big "TOP OF THE HILL" birthday, I did it.  I walked a calf all by myself.

What?  Did someone out there say, "Big Whoop?"

Ok, did I mention this calf had never been walked by a human being before?

and I was without the help or presence of Tall Guy or Grandpa?

and she's four months old?

and she is close to me in weight?

and she is younger and, I'm pretty sure, just as if not stronger than me?

and she was pretty honked off about the whole experience?

and Sadie was trying to help but was really a big pain the butt because she wanted to make sure Ladybug didn't hurt her momma?

and while the girls hovered at first, the new kittens, three-week old ones not the two day old ones, were more fun to watch?

and I had just spent over three hours with tech support trying to get my new router to talk to my laptop, and the two are still not talking?

Alrighty..... now I hear some nodding of the heads and respectful tones.

dairy cow farm

If you are prone in any way to motion sickness, do not watch this video.  Bear took it, and when I found it on the card, I thought I would try to share it with you.  It's my first home video on the blog!  Thanks Bear!

HSUS and PETA:   Bring your cameras to my house.  I didn't swear or kick or hit my calf.  We just had a tug of war walked around the barn lot and tried to remember who was walking whom.

Sorry I have been kind of quiet the past two weeks.  It's been a bit of a heartbreaking time for me, but life goes on despite an empty chair and a smile that will not grace this world again.  I lost a student under tragic circumstances, and it just really hit me hard.  If you take 18 years and multiply that times, oh lest say 120 as an average, that is 2,160 kids I had cross my threshold while teaching, and I have to say I truly cared for 99 % of them with all my heart.  Tabby was a great one, so was her class, and as we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week last week, I was so reminded of the difference a teacher can make in a student's life without ever really knowing it, AND how much these kids can grace a teacher's life.  I taught high school, so some days it was a toss up as to if they were even listening, but I was so proud of my kids, even though now this class is turning 40.  THEY ROCK and all my kids have pretty much rocked their lives in their own way.

Turning these sad days around now, and focusing on happy memories and good times ahead.  Have a great weekend.  I have to talk these muscles into walking Miss LadyBug again this morning!  Now where did I put that bottle of ALEEVE???????


  1. It doesn't look like it went badly at all! It's a good looking heifer.

  2. I remember those days when my son had 6 calves I would help him walk morning and night. I did stay in shape. Good exercise



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