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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Instagram and Other Photo Aps~a.k.a My Latest Addiction

OMGosh!  I know I've been kind of bad about posting lately, but the girls are home from school now, we've been mowing hay, walking cows, chasing kittens, and all sorts of crazy stuff.  I've been taking my phone along with and snapping pictures like crazy, but I just haven't had time to put it all together in to a blog post.  What I have done is add pics to my Facebook page, AND I have been playing with some AWESOME phone aps!

Here is an original picture I took then played with using Pixlr-O-Matic

And then I get to start playing with all the masks, filters, and lighting choices this ap offers!  Too much fun!

FUN?   I think so.  I love all the different looks, edges, tones, aging processes you can give a picture with just a few clicks.  I also was able to add this ap to my laptop, but first I had to change my browser to Google Chrome.  I don't see a huge issue with this, and now I can use it easily with ALL my pics!

My other newest fun friend to use with Instagram is another ap called Photogrid.  Apparently it too has a PC ap, but I haven't explored it yet.  Like I said, it's been busy around here, but I find it quick and easy to snap a picture with my phone (I have a Motorola Atrix), and use these aps to upload quick updates to Facebook.  See:

Make sure to LIKE my Facebook page, Walking the Off-Beaten Path, so you can keep up with the daily goings on when they happen too quick to blog about in a timely manner!

Now these folks didn't ask me to talk about their products, and I am not getting anything for mentioning them, but I am having a terrible time staying  on track to the other chores around here because the tools on my phone are so much fun.  The great thing is that they also seem to be able to transfer to my laptop!  WOOO!  or BOOO! as at least one person might say if HE finds out.

Ok, so it has taken me most of the day to finish this post.  If this is an indication, I'm going to have to get up earlier, stay up later, or figure out some time for myself during the summer days to keep up with all of you.  Be patient, and I will be around to as many blogs as I can ASAP...  The little cuzs are coming out for a weenie roast tonight if the wind will die down a bit.  Tomorrow we are praying for some very much needed rain, or I am going to start talking to you about crop insurance and drought issues.  YIKES!  It's seriously getting that bad around these parts.

Have a great summer, even though it doesn't start for about 25 days!  I will be right back....probably! ;-)


  1. Love those pics, especially the one with the girls and the calf...too precious :) Praying that you guys get some rain up there....we are supposed to get some today. Maybe I can send some your way ;). Hope yall have a great summer too.


  2. Instagram is so much fun! I love the effects you used!

  3. Isn't it awesome all of the neat things one can do with the smart phones and computers and software programs these days. Seems like most everything is only a 'click' away... Great pictures of the girls---all of them..

    We are extremely busy these days also.


  4. I love these pics! Love the watermelon border. Looks like you and the girls are in for a fun summer. :)

    The kittens are so cute, oh my.



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