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Monday, May 21, 2012

My Rock, "Stayin' Alive" & "On the Radio"


This is the rock Tall Guy gave me for my birthday.  He's all about "Go Big or Go Home"  ;-)  Crazy guy!

Well, I've been a bit absent from my computer this last week, but I have been way to busy to stop and chat.  We finished up planting, at least round one, and now are waiting to see if the 1/2 rain we had last night came in time to help our beans get through some hard crusted dirt.  It wasn't looking too good for them about Thursday, but we will see how they do with this wet ground and couple days of cool weather.

I chose my title today because since we last chatted, two great singers left us.  I grew up listening to the Bee Gees and learned to dance with Donna Summer.  They will be greatly missed!

soybean bulk boxes
Last week I also made it to the top of the hill and turned 50!  I didn't think I was physically going to make it because we were doing some hard work around here, like tearing down bulk bean boxes, walking stubborn calves, I thought it was supposed to get easier as you worked with them, and then, after the big day on Thursday, I helped take our school kids to Turkey Run.  For you non-Indiana folk out there ( I really avoid using the word Hoosier whenever possible), Turkey Run is one of our beautiful state parks that has gorgeous hiking trails along Sugar Creek and some seriously big, steep, and awesome rock formations.....that is unless you just turned 50, and went out the night before with your family, and your favorite beverage-maker was behind the bar, and your neighbor thought you needed just one drink in a "tiny glass" to celebrate this golden milestone.  I was fine; my rear would have been dragging if I had had the healthiest food in the world to eat/drink.  UGH!

Off we go.  There are may "Frost-like" moments on these trails.. You know,

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. "

We tried NOT to make a difference since our group contained kindergarten through second graders.  Luckily this divide came back together just a few feet up the way!


Next, we had to cross the suspension bridge, and I have to admit, I was the one at the end of the group jumping up and down to give the crossing a bit more ......uhm......fun???? (insert evil laugh!)

Hey!  I still had energy at this point!


The beautiful and low Sugar Creek. You can tube and canoe down it, but right now we are in a bit of a drought, so the water is low.  Great for doing Trail 3, not so great for traveling down the water.

 We wanted to walk Trail 10, but you have to go on Trail 3 for a while to get to 10, and EVERYONE knows that Trail 3 is the WATER TRAIL and LADDER TRAIL.  Guaranteed to get your shoes wet and your heart rate elevated.  It's beautiful though.





 Time out!

 I call this one "Bear in a Cave"  (I know, I'm so original!)


 So after that lovely trip, my as butt was dragging, and I went to bed at 8:00.  SERIOUSLY!

The next day Tall Guy planned to take me down to Bruno's in West Lafayette to meet with a dear friend of mine for a little birthday celebration.  Little did I know there had been lots of texting and phone calls coming and going from his tractor to her cell, and they had put together a surprise party for me.  THEY ROCKED!
I really needed the smiles and laughs, and that made my day.  Of course I didn't have my camera, just my phone, but this is my dear friend Jen and me:

After all that hoop-la.....

...there may or may not have been another episode of tiny glass drinks in there......

You know I am appreciating that Toby Keith song, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was!"  hee hee.....

Sunday was kind of a lazy day until Bear and I went on a Cloverbud trip to our Benton Dairy.  Then we had to try and save our neighbor, Wannie, from a nasty snake that disappeared in a tree.  I had already sent my knight in shining armor down to help her since hers seemed to be out of cell-phone range.

So ends my crazy week.  No rest for the old and weary.  Today we have a reward store for the kids at school to spend all their reading points, and tomorrow is Field Day.  Once upon a time, I USED to be gearing up my Happy Dance for this time of year, but now that I am a parent instead of a teacher, I am scrambling to get things ready for our darling angels to be home ALL DAY.  Their last day is Thursday.  And so it goes!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. WOW - that is all I have to say!

  2. After reading your post (and loving the photos that brought good memories of Turkey Run), I'm too tired to comment except to say: Happy Birthday!


  3. LoOks like you had a great week!!! Still waiting on rain here. I thought I heard it early this morning but nothing. We need a rain to get some beans through the ground. Praying for a shower or two today!!!

  4. that's quite the weekend! happy birthday to you!

  5. Looks like such a great time you have been having! Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Well, no one can accuse you of sitting home all day, lounging around and eating bonbons. LOL (a favorite line of my husband). I hope you all have a great summer. Enjoyed the post. You've been busy!!



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