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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recycling Project for School

Tink had to come up with a recycling project for a school project.  I have to tell you I lost Mommy points because this is what she came home wanting to make:

Click here if you would like to buy this beautiful contraption.

I really hated to burst her bubble, but with Tall Guy in the field and me not so constructionally-inclined, I had to say........

"Nope don't think Mommy can help you make this and keep all her fingers in tact."

So .....we went looking for a more practical, easier way to recycle what we have around the house.

She wasn't as super excited about our end result, but she did a great job, and everyone kept her fingers!

We created recycled planters!

Exciting right?

We used toilet paper rolls, a milk jug, card board boxes, an egg carton, "organic material" (we have a whole lot of that!) and dirt ( we have a whole lot of that too.)  Here we go.....

First we mixed up some "good dirt."

Garden dirt

Organic dirt taken from the cow lot

and some dirt with fertilizer mixed in to it.

 Mix well.  Side Note:  We used Bear's olds shoes as  two planters for little flowers, but for some reason I forgot to take pictures of them.  DANG!  They turned out really cute too!  Keep an eye out for old shoes or boots or work shoes with character, and when they become unfit to wear, grab them, and start planting!

Fist project is to create your own individual planters for seedlings using toilet paper rolls.  These are good in a couple of ways:  One:  they allow the seeds to grow without the invasion of weeds.  Two:  The paper rolls will break down and add good things to the soil :-)

 Using an egg carton made of paper is another way to accomplish this same idea!

Another great idea is to use milk jugs as planters.  If you leave the handles on, you can hang several on a 2 x 4 and have a hanging garden somewhat protected from the wind if you plan right.

 Another neat idea is to add newspaper to your dirt.  It holds water, which keeps your soil moist, AND it will also break down in the soil.  Cool Beans!

 There are some other fun ideas on Pinterest, but we had to draw the line somewhere.  If you take the card board boxes and plant them in the ground, the boxes will stop weeds from growing in your plants, and, again, they will eventually biodegrade back into the earth.

On this last picture, here's a little FYI:  Water treated with a water softener system is NOT so good for your plants.  We also have a hard water tap, and this is where we gather water.  Thanks to the Good Lord, we can also gather rain water now.  Soooooo needed the rain we have had these past few days!  Corn is in and up, and Tall Guy is ready to plant beans as soon as the ground dries up enough to support the planter.

Hope all is well in your world!  Happy Planting!


  1. I bet she actually had more fun doing that than she would have with the cat perch. Great ideas. And who doesn't love planting stuff in the springtime! P.S. We're just starting corn planting up here and I see that my alfalfa, newly-seeded this spring, is up. We're getting a great rain today for it. Alfalfa happy. :-)

  2. what a great project! i'm not sure how i feel about that organic stuff from the cow pile...?

  3. Great idea! And now, you can transplant the plants and water them together over the course of the summer!

  4. Great recycling idea, Lana... I'm sure that tink will learn alot about all of the different containers which can be used to grow plants/flowers/veggies, etc..

    Great project --much better than the other one she wanted to do!!!! ha



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