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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hunk of Meat Monday: Fish Fry!

If you go a on fishing trip to Minnesota, chances are you are going to have a fish fry, and that is what we did.  

First, though, we had to catch our fish!

Bear's first Northern Pike!  ( Did I mention this was Tall Guy's first fishing trip?  He wanted to know if the pikes had teeth.   It was one of those, "Do bears poop in the woods?" moments!  YIKES!  I still love my land-lovin' farmer!)

Yes Dear, He's still in there!

And the "other" fish, our perch!

Grandpa was soooo tickled that Bear caught this fish!

Now we have to clean the darned things.  That is sometimes a tricky business, especially with pike because they have this Y-bone thing that most other fish don't have.

**** Might be a tad on the "innard" side here.  Some fish were harmed in these photos, but all went to the nourishment of our bodies.  Thank you fish!

Out come the Y-bones!

The Master Filleter at work and Apprentice Tall Guy watching and learning.  It's a smaller and more careful task that cutting up steaks!

Now for the rib bones:

and these guys were a piece of cake.

Now we are ready to head up to Grandma for the eating part!  Woo!

First, she soaks the fish fillets in buttermilk.  She uses this powder brand because it travels much better than the liquid version.

Well DANG!  Seems our little perch friends have this thing called a "mud vein" running right through the middle of them, and Grandpa says they HAVE to be cut out, so OUT they go!

Now Grandma has found a new flour mix she likes to coat the fish with called Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour.  She says it's easy to find.

Coat the milk-soaked fish fillets in the flour, and ....

heat a skillet with about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch of olive oil in it.
(Yes, for you more observant readers, that just might be a bottle of Indiana's fine Oliver Sangria peaking at you from the upper left corner of the picture! )

 These are Bear's pike pieces!  She gets first dibs on those.

 Think SIZZLE......

Yep, fill up the whole pan; the more the merrier!

When they start looking brown on the bottom, it's time to turn them over!


First batch done and ready to go in the oven to stay warm and safe from snitchers!  You have to watch out for these creatures when you fry fish!  They can eat a whole plate if you are not careful and diligent!

Miss Bear thinks her pike looks delish!

Everyone is ready to dig in.  Do you notice the variety of clothing going on in this picture?  From a sleeveless shirt to a sweatshirt...... interesting....but I can't explain it.

Get ready!

Get set!


They were VERY good, and Miss Bear declared that she liked pike much more than perch.  Poor thing.  It's much easier and one is more likely to catch perch than pike, but she is determined to catch another one some day!

Hooking up to my buddy, Miss Leah's Hunk of Meat party over at Beyer Beware.


  1. Oh YUM!!! Those look fabulous!! I was never patient enough to learn to clean fish :) Looks like you have some skilled fisher ladies on your hands!

  2. The girls look like they're having an awesome time fishing!

  3. Yum---makes me hungry. I've never had pike --but love perch. My Daddy was a fisherman --and he'd go off for the weekend on occasion with his buddies. When he brought home fresh trout--we loved it.




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