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Friday, June 15, 2012

"I'm Back!"

One of my favorite lines from the movie, Independence Day, and it applies today!  We just made it officially home yesterday from a big family fishing trip to Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota.  It was the first time I had been back to this great state in 40 years, and it was the very first fishing trip for the girls AND Tall Guy!  HOW FUN IS THAT????

The biggest thrill for me is that we went with my mom and dad to a place they have been going for 14 years, a place I have been hearing about and longing to see, and now we have real pictures in our minds of the people and places they have been talking about all these years.

I won't be able to share all of our adventures with you in one post because
1.  there are too many.
2. I still have laundry to do.
3. I have over 300 e-mails to sort through and respond to.
4. I sat too long in the car on Tuesday to even think about sitting that long again.
5. I'm still trying to figure out how to get pictures off my phone and on to my computer.  (May just have to e-mail them to myself.)
6. there are these 4-H projects to get Tink going on so they are finished in a timely manner.
7. I have fair business to attend to .....
8. Two kittens are still missing, and two need eyes tended to, so I'm on alert status.
9. a bazillion Farm Bureau activities are coming up on the calendar.
10. the girls want to go swimming......ugh!
11. my main event for the FB grant project just cancelled on my for the fair, and I scrambling for the infamous Plan B.

You get the idea, right?  It's what happens when you sneak away for nine days.

Before we went fishing, though, we did some sightseeing, so I will share these pictures with you:

The "famous" pink elephant along I-39 at the DeForrest, WI exit and Bear are having a stare-down contest.

The shoreline of Lake Superior

Gooseberry Falls

Paul and Babe at Bemedji, MN.

Lake Itasca, MN, the source of the Mississippi River:

The girls walking across the Mississippi River.

Butterflies...uhm....getting acquainted with each other I think?!?!?!

Mom, Dad, and the girls.

Okie-Dokie..... better figure out what is for lunch and see how the girls are doing.  So far they have washed their old bikes for Grandma's garage sale tomorrow and walked their calves.  Now they are playing with the animals.

Stay tuned for more pictures of fish, wildlife, a great Hunk of Meat Monday post on frying fish, and whatever else I can pull off the cameras as we pray for rain and get ready to harvest our wheat.  Let me know if I have missed any big news; it's gonna take me a while to catch up with all my multi-media connections!



  1. Glad ya'll made it back! I love the photos! They are beautiful! Can't wait to hear about all of the fun ya'll had! Good luck with that catching up stuff ;)


  2. hold on now...where..yes, i think i had to read the place's name and pronounce it really slowly to get it right, lol. glad you guys had a great time!

  3. Glad you had a great time! Although we won't get to see all your photos, the ones you shared are great...love Paul Bunyan!!



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