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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rain and Minnesota Wildlife


Looks like it might rain outside. I certainly hope so because I have two girls a bit honked at me for not taking them to the pool today.

I really hesitate to talk about rain.  In my neck of the woods or grass, it's a sore subject because many are just not getting it, and some crops are to the critical stage in growing (if not past it) and so desperately need a tall drink of water.

For whatever reason, we were blessed with 1.6 - 2 inches of rain over the weekend, and it was what we call a "Million Dollar Rain."  That's no exaggeration either.  We need more, but you could hear the crops drinking it up as it fell.  Just a county east or south, and the corn is curling up with thirst, and the beans are not growing.  It breaks my heart for these farmers; we all live and pay our bills at the mercy of the weather.  We can do our best, plant the best seeds, but it's all for not if we do not get the rain we need to help them grow.

So I will give you some animal pics to check out from our trip to Minnesota.  Just a disclaimer:  It's very hard to take pictures of the local fauna on a rocking pontoon boat, but I did my best!

Ok, let's start with some animals I did NOT see in the boat.

LOVE this pic of Bear and a very pink Horton taken at the Shell gas station off the De Forrestt exit on I-39 in Wisconsin.  Too cute!

See the fish in the picture???

Loved hearing the Loons call to one another. I forgot just how much I missed that sound until I heard it the first time.

Mr. Eagle.  We saw several of them, but it was hard to get a clear pic with all the motion going on underneath me.  So majestic. So glad Ben Franklin's idea of a Turkey being our national bird did not pass.  No offense Miss Katie and all turkey producers out there!

Shoot!  What was the name of the E. B. White book about trumpeter swans????? Just a minute, I have to go Google that.  Believe me it's quicker than searching my brain or finding the copy of said mystery book that IS in a box upstairs in a closet somewhere....Survey says:  The Trumpet of the Swan.  LOVED that book as a young girl, even though I couldn't remember its name.  If you have a tween child, it's a very good read as are all Mr. White's books!

Snails!  Lots and lots!

OMGosh!  After a very big rain, Tall Guy peered out the window to try and figure out what the heck was crawling around the cabins.  SNAPPING TURTLES!  I think we counted 3-4~!  Very big!

Speaking of very big... This is Big Fish!

And Tall Guy's Big Walleye

and the Muskie Bear wants to catch next time!

These critters were at a store called Big Paw at Rice Lake, Wisconsin.  Grandpa just HAD to take the girls there.  Their verdict, "Kinda creepy!"

They had every critter but a raccoon!  DANG!  We could have brought several of them to stuff!

I thought this hat looked cute on Bear.  The picture was cheaper than buying it! ;-)

Ok,  the girls are still grumpy, but I keep showing them the radar on my phone that the rain is still coming.  Sigh...... it's sometimes not fun to be a "Not today" mom, but it all works out.  I think we are going to make crystals this afternoon once the rain does commence to falling.

Hope you are having a great day.  Just one more until the weekend.  I still have a few more MN posts, but I have been working around here too, so I will try to bring it all back home next week.



  1. That fish picture is really cool! And Bear, can't you make one of those hats from one of your Dad's? I'm sure he has a few extra :)

  2. So are your parents from Minnesota? I think Bear Paw is supposed to be a mini Cabela's, although I think the taxidermy at Bear Paw is just as impressive as that at Cabelas. You were really right in my neck of the woods, Lana!

  3. Awww...that Horton pic is too cute!



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