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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grand Opening: the Renovation of The Fowler Theater!

"It's time to play the music 
It's time to light the lights"

We are just twelve different kinds of excited at our house this week because our favorite place to watch movies is reopening!  

Remember way back in August of 2010, I took you on a quick tour of our very own Fowler Theater?   Click here for a visit back to the before times.

Last night, the girls and I visited the theater for its open house after Phase 1 of its historical renovations.  Let me tell you, our theater peeps have been working very hard to raise funds, earn grants, and work many volunteer hours to restore the restrooms and foyer to its original grand appearance.  Just take a look!

Inside entrance wall before:

and after:

There are TWO digital screens, one on each entrance wall, that run clips of movies to come.  If groups rent the building, they can bring in DVDs of special pictures that can be shown on these screens as well!

The Concession Stand/Area before:

and after:

the theater's original clock :

WOW!  This might be the biggest and best improvement to our theater!  It now has a standing refrigerator and warmer (that I somehow forgot to photograph!), and that means caterers can come in with prepared food and serve guests attending meetings or speakers or any other event!  Of course we have the standard pop machine, but now make that PLURAL!, and you can't have a theater without......

Now, I don't have before pictures of the bathrooms.  Frankly, we were very glad to have them, but they were not spectacular, and the women's room tended to give the volunteers fits.  BUT  take a look at them now!


 and Gentlemen:

I kind of think I like the men's room the best, but I will stick to the ladies' room for propriety's sake! ;-)

With all this looking around, one might forget to look up!  You can see just a hint of this wall art-deco trim in the After concession stand picture, but WOW!  I'm not sure if it is actual tin work (I am going to check on that!), but it sure looks like it!

Here is a bit of the history behind this building!

With all these incredible improvements and additions, there are a couple things that I am so happy will stay the same!  Admission to our lovely theater to see a movie will still be $3 for kids and $5 for adults.   I also believe the concession prices will stay about the same!

I'm just sayin' you would have to live pretty darned far out for it NOT to be worth your while to come up for a visit to see this showcase!  It is open Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00 with the move starting at 7:30, and Sunday night it opens at 6:30 with the movie starting at 7:00 so everyone can get home and to bed for a good rest before the workweek starts!  That's just how we roll up here!

Just for this week, the movie BRAVE is showing starting tonight and running through Sunday!  If you have a free evening, come on up and join us.  Bring your camera, your kids, and you don't have to wear long coats to sneak in food.  We will be happy to have you enjoy an evening at The Fowler Theater!  They have a Facebook page co you can keep up with the latest running movies.  Let me know if you ever get the urge to come up and check us out, and maybe we can all meet there!  Hugs and Happy 4th of July!


  1. Wow! That is so awesome! I wish we lived close by for a visit! I'm with you on the men's room too, I love the color green! Hope you guys get to enjoy many great movies as a family there!


  2. Wow, that is awesome! Sooo much different than what I remember!

  3. I love when something old is new again. WOW on the prices. Great family night that could be afforded a lot more often than at most of the big theaters.



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