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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Sis, The Cow Whisperer

Poor Bear.  If ever there was a time she DISLIKED VERY MUCH being the youngest, it has been this summer.  She has just been chomping at the bit to jump in to 4-H.  Enrolling in Cloverbuds allowed her to take two projects, baskets and photography, but she wanted to do so much more.  At the top of the list were geology and showing cattle.

I hate to say this, but I have said it before; this girl could show an elephant.  She is just a natural with animals, and for better or worse, has very little fear around them.  It just broke her heart to work so hard helping Tink all summer take care of Jerry and LadyBug, feeding, watering, walking, and washing them, and then not get to show them in the ring.  Telling her that she will have her ten years very soon just didn't cut it.  She loves these critters.

And maybe my all-time favorite picture:

Poor little buck-a-roo.  If she can just find a little patience, the world will be her oyster.  Hang in there Little Bear.


  1. She looks like a natural! It can be hard being the younger sister sometimes!

  2. Great photos of Bear and "friends"! The last one is wonderful and I love the napping one too. Enjoy the fair. The Lake County Fair starts this coming Friday.


  3. My #3 is amazing with animals. She could show an elephant too. She calls hummingbirds and they come to her and land on her hand. I'd have thought it was a fluke, but she's done it three times. We had a violent horse that we thought we'd have to get rid of. She's trained it and shows it now. Amazing! It's a gift for sure.

  4. I'm just getting over here to your blog to catch up....In your last several posts, it looks like yall had a great time at the fair! Congrats Tink! Hold on Little Bear...you are gaining some major experience by helping your sister.

    What wonderful memories your girls are making Lana. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. I loved them!

    Have a great weekend!




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