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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Logansport's Dentzel's Carousel

Last week, the girls and I traveled to Logansport for a Farm Bureau dinner at a very unique park.  It houses a carousel!  Actually, it is a Dentzel Carousel, and the only remaining one of its kind in the world!  How cool is that?  And I really mean cool because it is inside an air conditioned building, and that ranks pretty high on my list of requirements this summer.  Both girls had a blast riding on this lovely old amusement piece.  Take a look!

Bear just LOVES her purse!

Tink thought the intricate work on her horse's saddle was very "cool!'

On the first go round, I rode in front of the girls and grabbed rings as we went around.  Tink kind of pouted and said, " No fair!  That's impossible for me to do!"

So glad she learned that "impossible" is usually more alive in her mind than in her real life!  Start grabbing for the brass ring my girl! 

There are also giraffes, tigers, and other animals to ride.

I think Bear and her mount have the same expression!

A great time was had by all.  If you are ever in Logansport or in the area, stop by this great little town and look for the Dentzel Carousel!  It is well worth the effort and time!


  1. I used to drive through Logansport and never knew that existed. Very cool!! I'll have to remember that for the next trip home.

    I can't BELIEVE how big your girls are getting!

  2. I am so happy to see this post my cousins had our family reunion there and I found out their father was instrumental in getting the grants to restore this carousel. It is beautiful as well as fun for all

  3. what a BEAUTIFUL Carousel! Such beautiful colors. These are so hard to find working anymore. Such a treasure. So glad your family got to experience this.



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