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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear CBS Evening News

It's taken almost a full 24 hours for me to be able to write this post because I was that infuriated with you.  For the first time in several weeks, my family and I gathered around the television to eat supper and catch the national news. Imagine my horror to watch, without any warning whatsoever, South African police open fire on striking miners, killing 18 and wounding many more.  These men brought clubs and sticks to a gun fight, and you just showed them being massacred.

EIGHTEEN MEN KILLED RIGHT BEFORE THE EYES OF MY TWO DAUGHTERS!  Where were you when those two sets of beautiful blue eyes looked at their father and me in disbelief and asked, "Did those men just die?"

They are almost ten and eight years old.  It was the 6:30 evening news.  Whose choice was it to run this piece without any warning? CNN had one.

I was born in 1962.  I grew up with Vietnam on the television, and my parents had the warning to shield my brother and I from what they didn't want us to see.  This news bite came without any warning.

Just how far do you go to show news?  Where is the line in the sand?  What happened to "Family TV?"  Where are your ethics?  Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him?


  1. Lana, I can understand your frustration and your anger. The wonderful media we depend on really does need to take more responsibility for what they show at the dinner hour. Sorry your beautiful little girls had to see that.

  2. It is horrid that CBS subjected your daughters and other children to that, as well as nightly horribly violent Prime Time television shows that the networks maintain don't affect our children.



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