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Saturday, August 18, 2012

On the Lighter Side.....

It's important to take a stand, but it's also important to have balance in your life, so to lighten this blog up a bit, I thought I would share a few sillies that made me smile this week on Facebook.  Hope you all are having as beautiful a weekend as we are here in Benton County, IN!  It's sunny with temps in the 70's!  WaHoo!  Where has this weather been all summer??

#1.  I am an "over" girl; Tall Guy is an "under" guy.  The girls are still trying to figure out how to get the tube off the holder without launching it across the bathroom they are in.  Which are you?

#2.  I have to admit, I have been joyous to get a pair of pants zipped, only to be totally dismayed when I ran to the mirror to see how they actually looked on. Guess that's why the Good Lord made mirrors!

#3.  If you have parents or grandparents brave enough to take the plunge and learn about computers, you can relate all too well to this one.

Have a great weekend.  Leave the TV off and go enjoy the great outdoors!


  1. The answer to the TP question is: "Whoever takes care of putting the roll on gets to decide"!!

    Hope you are seeing some of the cooler and wetter weather that we are enjoying. In fact, today has been a light sweater kind of day.


  2. Haha! (I'm with you on the t.p. issue).

    Our two year old grandson goes to the laptop and brings up 'Kipper the Dog' on Netflix. No kidding. It is the strangest thing to see!

  3. Love the little child talking to Grams

  4. LOVE these pics! They are all cute/true!

  5. These crack me up. I really think men are usually of the under variety but I too like it over. And those pants look PAINFUL. Thanks for the funnies.

  6. Haha, I loved this! I'm totally with you on the mirror/zipper thing - that happens to me all too frequently!

    And I'm SO with you on the toilet paper!!



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